is a young Griffon Jedi Padawan who lost her old Jedi Master when Order 66 broke out, but she was taken in by Astra. And she continued her training.

Bio Edit

Personality Edit

Zina is a zesty Griffon who is eager to please others and is quite highly optimustic. But she tends to be a bit gullible and naive at times. But she just wants to try and become a good Jedi Knight and prove to others she isn't a weakling.

Appearance Edit

Zina is a griffin with a dark teal head, with a patch white on it. With a dark grayish-teal body, and big dark navy blue wings. And wears a special Griffin Padawan bead braid with feathers on the end. She also has magenta eyes.

Main Weaponry Edit

Skills and Abilities Edit

Force skills: Zina never got to complete her Jedi training but still learned and developed a fair share of skills in the Force. She could Force Jump, use Animal Friendship , Mind Tricks, she was a capable telekinetic, and had a fine Force Sense. Her telekinesis utilized in the form of Force Push was average, but still formidable enough. Then Astra continued her training, and Zina slolwy began to learn more Force skills. But there were a few times where she used the Dark Side of the Force.

Lightsaber Combat: Following her former Master's tuteluge, Zina mainly used Form III. But after going under Astra's wing, she then learned to use Form IV. And throughout the series, her skills with a Lightsaber improved more and more.

Marksmanship: After Order 66 took place, Zina temporally stopped using her Lightsaber and moved to her pistol. And she is a crack shot with it. And she once shot a glass off a box at 500 yards. 


Trivia Edit

  • Zina makes her appearance in

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