Yuna's Lightsaber

Yuna's Lightsaber was the weapon created and wielded by the Jedi Master, Princess Yuna, the daughter of Princess Luna.

Specifications Edit

Yuna's weapon featured a much more skeletal make somewhat similar to Obi-Wan Kenobi's. The emitter was separated from the body of the weapon by a black cut-back, "choke" portion which also held the reserve power cell. Immediately below this slim bar was the black ridged handgrip, which occupied the central third of the hilt. The activator was throttle-style. The covertec wheel was black held onto a rigged black extension. Finally sealing the hilt was a Lunar Alloy emitter.

Bio Edit

A few years, after Yuna had turned 6 years old, she (along with the others) went the crystal caves to find her Kyber Crystal, then after doing so the young foals then returned back to the Equestrian Jedi Council and find then constructed their Lightsabers.

Yuna first used her Lightsaber in a duel against

Yuna continued to carry her Lightsaber onward and then soon enough, she and her friends then discovered a Lost Jedi Temple where the rare "Lunar Saber" was kept. And she then kept the Lunar Saber.

Then later she used her Lightsaber and the Lunar Saber in a duel with the Nightmare Family.

Yuna then used her Lightsaber again

Trivia Edit

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