This is where new plans are made and where Brian is given a new assignment in The Beginning Adventure.

[later we sideswipe to a trauning room as we see the Riders are now with Brian]

Brian: [kicks a dummy]

Snoutlout: He's been doing that for an hour.

Fishlegs: Why do you think he's doing this? 

Tuffnut: Maybe someone beat him up in an arm wrestling match, and he's probably getting a work out to fight back for revenge.

Ruffnut: Or maybe he's trying to get stronger so he can show others whose boss.

Brian: Will you please?! I'm trying to concentrate.

Fishlegs: Sorry, carry on.

[Brian continues kicking the dummy as he then starts to hear voices in his head]

[Then, in his mind; we see on top of a building and there we can see a showdown]

[we now see it's a showdown between Brian and Savage Opress]

Savage Opress: What's the matter Brian? Feeling tongue tied? [force pushes Brian off the edge] [laughs evily]


[It goes back to the present]

Brian: Ah!

Hiccup: Brian! (races over to him) Are you alright?!

Fishlegs: What happened?!

Brian: Nothing. I'm alright.

[It sideswipes in a meeting room]

King Solar Flare: We have some breaking news. All villains we have faced for many times, have confirmed to all been eradicated.

[Everyone cheers]

King Solar Flare: Yes, it is good news. However, as many of you know, many of these villains can somehow return. So I have feeling that some of these villains could still be out there. 

Brian: So what should we do?

King Solar Flare: We propose to send out squads in different parts of the galaxy to scan the area for any surviving villain. And if there is we can excute them before they have a chance to attack. Including their armies.

Brian: With the council's premission I request to help out in anyway I can.

Zecora: We will allow your request, you are take a squad of your own and search all around here in your best.

Brian: Alright. [to himself] That's not fun.

King Solar Flare: As for the Riders, you are to head to the outer rim while Mastress Blythe and the pets and aid some Wookies who sent a destress signal.

Hiccup: Yes, your Highness.

[It sideswipes to the Space Craft hangar, where we see some of the ships being prepared for launch]

Brian: Guys. I just wanna apologize. I've been angered, and arrogant.

Yuna: That's okay, Brian. And we said before. You are getting stronger after the death of Tirek and Bowser Koopa.

Hiccup: Now, we must leave.

Brian: May the Force be with you guys.

Yuna: Goodbye, old friend.

[they then board some of the ships and they take off]

[we then sideswipe to an opera house where Brian is watching a show]

[then a beautiful black mare appears]

Black Mare: Is this seat taken?

Brian: No.

Black Mare: Thanks. [she sits down on the seat next to Brian]

Brian: Uhh....

Black Mare: So, what's your problem?

Brian: You're beauty. Dah, I mean! Uh, nothing.

Audience: Shh!

Brian: (softly) Sorry. So, what are you asking me?

Black Mare: (softly) I'm asking you that I meant that you are struggling to save your wide from death.

Brian: (softly) How do you know that?

Black Mare: (softly) Because, I heard that you are having bad dreams.

Brian: (softly) Okay, I'm really confused here.

Black Mare: (softly) I also heard that you weren't able to kill Tirek or Bowser Koopa.

Brian: (softly) I didn't feel like it. Besides, those dragons, Yuna and Hiccup did it anyway. And I admit, my trust in the Jedi Council has been shaken a bit.

Black Mare: (softly) And, you are like falling apart. Is it because they made you do something dishonest? Like, having you spy on the senate?

Brian: (softly) I don't know what to say. But I do admit I was given a certain assignment.

Black mare: (softly) Oh? What sort of assignment?

Brian: (softly) I'm sorry, but that info is classified. Who are you?

[The figure turns to him]

Black Mare: (softly) You'll find out soon, [puts her hoof on his chin] My dear.

[Brian nerviously looks at the Mare]

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