Venom Spider-Man 3
Venom is the main antagonist in Spider-Man 3, and is Spider-Man's most dangerous foe.


Sometime before Order 66, he was once known as "Edward Brock Junior". He had been taking pictures for the Daily Bugle, however this made the Bugle's former photographer Peter Parker jealous. And sometime when the symbiote was influenced by Peter, Eddie made a fake picture of Spider-Man robbing a bake. And Peter later showed this to Jonah Jameson, and as a result Eddie was fired. He wanted to visit his girlfriend Gwen Stacy to feel better, but Gwen tells him that she has plans to hang out with Peter. Humbled, and humiliated, he goes to church and requests Jesus Christ to kill Peter Parker, but Peter was there getting rid of the black suit, Eddie went to see what it was, he looked up and saw Peter Parker was Spider-Man! Then, when Peter got rid of the symbiote, it bonded with Brock, and become Venom! He later joins Sandman to capture Mary Jane Watson, and lure Peter Parker to a confrontation. Just when the 2 were about to kill him, Peter was saved by his friend, Harry Osborn and defeated Sandman. Then Venom was about to kill Spider-Man till Princess Celestia and Barret Barricade banished him to an alternative dimension filled with dark spider powers.


During his banished life, he has been growing stronger over the years. And has been watching the real world from a symbiotic like orb. And was watching Sunset Shimmer, and was impressed with her Lightsaber combat techniques. But he was furious when she joined the Light Side of the Force. So as a result, he kidnapped her by teleporting her to his prison. And request her to find the Negatronic Energy Saber, or he'll kill Sunrise. So Sunset had no choice but to team up with him, but Venom gives her 48 hours to find it, if she fails, or resists, he'll kill Sunrise. But Sunset Shimmer doesn't know where it is. Venom tells her to use her feelings, and she'll find it, before he teleports her back to the real world.

Back in the real world, Sunset fears the worst. But she had no other choice, but to find it with the Dark Side of the Force. But during her search, her friends noticed her acting unusual, even Sunrise. But she tells them not to worry. And tells Sunrise to have faith. And then after hearing that, Sunrise fears for her mother. And so she decides to not to worry. And as Sunset uses the force, she detects the Negatronic Energy Saber. And she uses the Force to open the vault. And inside, on top of a display stand in a chest is the saber and takes it. But the alarm went on, 2 Royal Guard come in with armed with blasters, but Sunset turned around with her eyes glowing red. And she karate kicks to knock them out. And escapes the facility in a plane. Soon, our heroes came to the scene and Princess Celestia plays a security camera recording of who stole the Negatronic Energy Saber. And it was Sunset Shimmer who stole it. And Astrid knew she can't be trusted. As Barret gives them a GPS, he states that they placed a homing beacon in her jacket if she went back to the Dark Side.



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