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Tyrone is an orange moose who is one of the close friends of The Crusaders.

Bio Edit

Personality Edit

Tyrone is a very deep thinker, which may make him seem a master of the obvious sometimes, but he always enjoys a challenge because he knows in his heart that he is equal to it and he'll find a way to figure it out.

Tyrone is confident, laid-back, and easygoing with a sunny disposition. He is best friends with Pablo, and their different personalities make them perfect complements to each other. While Pablo is a quick thinker, Tyrone likes to take his time. Tyrone can get nervous or frightened on occasion, but he is not insecure about his fears.

Tyrone is the sunny one. He is easygoing, and can get along with anybody. Pablo is his best friend, after all! He takes life's ups and downs in stride, things just don't get under his skin. Tyrone seems a little slow on the uptake sometimes. He’s confident and enjoys a challenge because he knows, in his heart, that he is equal to it. There’s always a way and he’s bound to figure it out. Tyrone is the nicest little moose you ever met. He’s got his hands in his pockets and a cool head of antlers on his shoulders.

At the end of most adventures, Tyrone recites the line, "That was an excellent (type) adventure, don't you think?" Pablo, Tasha, and Austin use the line when he is absent.

Residence Edit

Tyrone lives in an orange-colored house in the center of the backyard. Two lawn chairs and a slide are visible in front of it. Where it's inside of Nick Jr. City.

Physical Appearance Edit

Tyrone's skin is orange. He has red fringe between his antlers, which are light yellow. His eyes are white with black pupils. His face and head are shaped similarly to Tasha's (though his muzzle is less rounded). His standard striped shirt is red-orange and blue.

Trivia Edit

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