Tiff Crust

Tiffany "Tiff" Crust is Brit's cousin. And one of Nightmare Rarity's Inquisitors.

Bio Edit

Due to her status as being both popular, and a bully. Tiff intimidates everybody in school. While she does not like anybody who isn't popular, she does like Don Prima. When she follows her every step, she became clever, smart, and fashionable.

Personality Edit

Tiff is depicted as selfish, a braggart and popular just like her cousin. She and Brit despise Jenny. While Brit is the brain behind the shennanigans, Tiff is the muscle. 

Appearance Edit

Tiff is shown to be much shorter than Brit and possibly heavier set with lighter skintone. Like her cousin, she has black hair and eyes and she wears her hair normally in pigtails with purple hairclips and a pink cat eared hat. It also looks as she may wear mascara and makeup. Normally, she wears a black tanktop, black fingerless gloves, short dark pink shorts with a black belt, striped stockings / socks, and black shoes.

Like Brit, she often changes her appearance.

Relationships Edit

Her relationship with Brit is nearer to sisterly like than cousin like. She, like Brit despises Jenny. She associates with Pteresa and Don Prima. 

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