The Tommy Gang
The Tommy Gang
are a group of bounty hunters that look and act like 1930's gangsters.


The Tommy Gang were first formed their gang when each one of the members worked to together to bring a an evil gang that caused chaos to their families, then after eraning a reward bounty from the gang, they decided to become bounty hunters. And throughout their years, they eraned several bounties, and thye even managed to take out Sith that were marked for bounties. Then one day, they helped our heroes escape a troop of Stormtroopers that took them prisoners. (namely because they were old friends of Ropin' Rider and Trench Sweeper) After learning about their success of taking out Sith, the team hired them to work for them. And they are now part of the army for the Republic.


Main WeaponryEdit

  • Thompson Model 1921 sub-machine gun
  • Thompson Model 1928A1 sub-machine gun
  • Thompson M1A1 sub-machine gun
  • Winchester Model 1912 shotgun (mounted on Thompson M1A1)
  • Browning Automatic Rifle
  • Colt M1911 pistol
  • Colt Model 1903 pistol
  • Colt New Service Revolver
  • Colt Official Police Revolver
  • Colt Detective Special Revolver
  • FN Model 1910 pistol
  • Lebman 1911 Machine Pistol
  • Smith & Wesson Mk II Hand Ejector Revolver
  • Smith & Wesson Model 10 snub nose Revolver
  • Webley Mk VI Revolver
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Stiletto Switch-Blade Knife



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