This is where the Stampede and Vinny's death takes place in The Beginning Adventure.

Brian: Now, Selena. I want you to wait here. Vinny has a surprise for you.

Selena: What is it?

Brian: If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise.

Selena: If you tell me, I'll still act like I'm surprise.

Brian: Oh. You are a naughty filly!

Selena: C'mon, Daddy!

Brian: Oh, no. This is just between you, and your uncle. You know, a sorta daughter and uncle type thingy. Well, I'm gonna go get him.

Selena: Let me go with you!

Brian: No! Uh, [coughs] No. Just stay right here on this rock. You don't wanna end up in another mess like you did with those Utharaptors.

Selena: You knew about that?

Brian: Selena, everybody knows about that.

Selena: Really?

Brian: Oh, yes. Luckily, Blythe was there to save you in time. And just between us, you might not wanna look at the Jedi Temple.

Selena: Oh. Okay.

[Brian walks away]

Selena: Hey, daddy. Will I like the surprise?

Brian: Selena, my darling, it's to die for!

[after Brian leaves we then view above on the high point where we see various dinosaurs and animals]

Clone Trooper Commander: Shut up!

Clone Trooper: This is taking too long sir! We have to do it now!

Clone Trooper Commander: Stay put.

Clone Trooper: But, sir....

Clone Trooper Commander: Hush! You heard Manacore, we wait for his signal.

[Then we see Brian on a high top rock]

Clone Trooper Commander: Look. There he is. Let's go.

[Returning to Selena]

Selena: What's taking so long? And I wonder why I can't look at the Jedi Temple?

[Then, Selena looks up and sees the Temple as she gasps in horror then she feels rumbling and looks up, and sees the animals coming straight towards her!]

[The Lion King "The Stampede" begins playing]

Selena: (gasps)

[Selena then takes off running as the animals follow behind her]

[up at the top we see the reason why the animals are running in the first place, which is because the Clone Troopers are firing their blasters at the animals and they've completely cleared out]

[Selena continues running as the animals continue running through the gorge]

[at the same time, Vinny and Peter are watching the fire from the temple]

Peter: I can't believe this is real.

Vinny: It's horrible.

Brian: Guys! Quick! Stampede, in the gorge! Selena's down there!

Vinny and Peter: (in unison) SELENA?!

[back in the gorge, Selena continues running where she tries to fly out, but her wing is hit by a passing Stegosaurus]

Selena: AAAH!! [she then lands on an old tree as she hangs on the highest branch, while Peter, Brian, and Vinny are racing for the gorge]

[then Nightstriker appears and picks up Peter and they fly into the gorge and soon find her]

Selena: Peter, help me!

Peter: Your father and Vinny are on the way, hold on!

Selena: Just, hurry!

[Brian and Vinny slide onto a ledge and look all around as Nightstriker lands]

Peter: She's over there! Dangling from that old tree!

Vinny: Hold on, Selena!

[Then a Zuniceratops hits the tree]

Selena: HELP!!!!

[Vinny runs down to save her]

Peter: Brian, this is awful! What are we gonna do?! Oh, I know! We'll go and get help! Okay, we'll go and get....

Brian: [Force pushes him and Nightstriker, which they hit the wall and get knocked out]

[Vinny then makes it to the bottom as he navigates through the running animals to get close to the tree. Just as an Ankylosaurus' tail hits the tree making it break loose, sending Selena flying into the air!]

Selena: NO!!!

[but Vinny force leaps up and catches her in time as he race to get out of the stampede but he's struck by a passing Palaeotherium, which causes him to drop Selena as she looks at the stampede getting more crazy as Vinny grabs her again, but a Saurolophus trips and falls]

Vinny: [leaps up and gets Selena onto a ledge but he's knocked back in the stampede!]

Selena: VINNY!!! [she frantically looks all around for him as Brian is slowly walking down a pathway watching]

[Vinny then Force leaps out of the stampede and onto the cliff side]

Vinny: Come on! To the top! This cliff isn't all that stable!

[as Vinny climbs his way, Selena makes her way up her own way, as Vinny reaches a ledge but the cliff side has really loose rock on this part as Vinny struggles to stay on where he notices Brian standing above him]

Vinny: Brian! Please! Help me, brother! I can't get back on the ledge myself! [his feet slip on the cliff side as he grabs a root with his one hand but the root slowly starts to give way]

Brian: [force grabs Vinny's hand on the root]

Vinny: Come on, pull me up already!

[but Brian then looks down to Vinny with an evil smirk]

Brian: Long live, Brother.

Vinny: [looks in shock at Brian as Brian then force yanks the root out of the cliff side and sends Vinny falling towards the stampede!] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Selena: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [it echoes all around as Selena watches in horror as Vinny disappears into the stampede as the dust raises high above, blocking all the view]

[a few minutes past before the stampede has cleared out as Selena is looking for Vinny in the gorge]

Selena: Vinny! Vinny! Where are you!?

[A sound is heard]

Selena: Vinny?

[But it was the Nothronychus struggling behind, and we see Vinny's body]

Selena: Vinny! [runs over to Vinny's body] Vinny? [slightly shakes his body with a hoof] Vinny, get up. Please, get up. We need to go.

[but Vinny doesn't move]

Selena: (voice breaking) Vinny?

[But Vinny still doesn't move as "End of the road" starts playing soon, Selena realizes Vinny is dead.]

Selena: Oh no. HELP!!! SOMEBODY!! ANYBODY!! (weakly) Please, help.

[Selena then breaks out in tears as she falls to the ground and covers her face and then Brian walks out from the dust]

Brian: Selena, what have you done?

Selena: But... the dinosaurs.... he was trying to save me! It was an accident! I didn't mean for it to happen.

Brian: Of course. I know you didn't intend this to happen, Selena. No ever means these to happen. But Vinny is dead. If it weren't for you, he'd still be alive.

Selena: (sniffs) What am I gonna do? I can't go face Mommy after this!

Brian: There's only one thing to do. Run away, Selena. Run. Run away and never return.

Selena: [nods as she grabs Vinny's Lightsaber and takes off running as the troopers arrive]

Brian: Kill her.

[the troopers chases arrive as Selena is cornered]

Selena: Troopers! What are you doing her?

[The troopers point their blasters at her]

Selena: What are you doing?

Clone trooper: Forgive us, young Selena. We're just following orders.

Selena: What?! But you're Clones! You help Jedi, not kill them!

Clone Trooper: We don't have a choice. Our inhibitor chips are making us follow orders. And Manacore's orders are to execute you.

Selena: Well, I got an order for you myself. [Draws her Lightsaber/blaster] DROP DEAD!! [she then shoots down 2 troopers]

Clone Trooper: Take her!

[They all begin firing at Selena as she ignites the blade of her saber and deflects the blaster bolts before she Force pushes them down and takes off running]

Clone Trooper: After her!

[The troopers then chase Selena as she starts climbing up a rock pile, as the Clones are hot on her tail so she jumps]

[Selena then lands near a cactus forest]

Selena: OW! Jeez! [drops from a cactus branch and hits hard] AAAAAHHHHH!!!! [She starts crawling through the cacti just as the clone troopers arrive]

Clone Trooper: Over there! [fires at her]

[Selena barely avoids the shot as she hides behind one huge cactus, as the Trooper keeps his sights for her as Selena then looks to one side only to recoil back to avoid another shot, as she then slowly crawls away from the scene using the cacti as cover]

Clone Trooper: Seize fire! We'd got her! Come on!

[They leave]

Clone Trooper #2: Sir, what if she's not dead?

Clone Trooper: Oh, please. If she really is alive she won't survive out there for a day.

[We then find Selena unneath the cover of some cacti as she then proceeds to pull out the cactus needles stuck in her arm from the fall on the other cactus.]

Selena: (moans in pain as she pulls out the needles)

[Once she finishes, she looks up to the cliff but the clone troopers are gone.]

Selena: It's not safe for me here. I gotta skip town. And get far away from here as possible! [She then starts running as she comes out of the cactus forest and takes off running into the unknown]

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