This is where the Stampede and Vinny's death takes place in The Beginning Adventure.

Brian: Now, Selena. I want you to wait here. Vinny has a surprise for you.

Selena: What is it?

Brian: If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise.

Selena: If you tell me, I'll still act like I'm surprise.

Brian: Oh. You are a naughty filly!

Selena: C'mon, Daddy!

Brian: Oh, no. This is just between you, and your uncle. You know, a sorta daughter and uncle type thingy. Well, I'm gonna go get him.

Selena: Let me go with you!

Brian: No! Uh, [coughs] No. Just stay right here on this rock. You don't wanna end up in another mess like you did with those Utharaptors.

Selena: You knew about that?

Brian: Selena, everybody knows about that.

Selena: Really?

Brian: Oh, yes. Luckily, Blythe was there to save you in time. And just between us, you might not wanna look at the Jedi Temple.

Selena: Oh. Okay.

[Brian walks away]

Selena: Hey, daddy. Will I like the surprise?

Brian: Selena, my darling, it's to die for!

[after Brian leaves we then view above on the high point where we see various dinosaurs and animals]

Clone Trooper Commander: Shut up!

Clone Trooper: This is taking too long sir! We have to do it now!

Clone Trooper Commander: Stay put.

Clone Trooper: But, sir....

Clone Trooper Commander: Hush! You heard Manacore, we wait for his signal.

[Then we see Brian on a high top rock]

Clone Trooper Commander: Look. There he is. Let's go.

[Returning to Selena]

Selena: What's taking so long? And I wonder why I can't look at the Jedi Temple?

[Then, Selena looks up and sees the Temple as she gasps in horror then she feels rumbling and looks up, and sees the animals coming staright towards her!]

[The Lion King "The Stampede" begins playing]

Selena: (gasps) STAMPEDE!!!!

[Selena then takes off running as

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