Negatonic Energy Saber

The Negatronic Energy Saber is a super rare lightsaber that was formerly wielded by Bowser Koopa.

Specifications Edit

The blade is emitted from Negatronic energy. The blade glows dark purple, surrounded by black and has a purple aura that surrounds the blade. It makes a thunder-crack when clashed with another Lightsaber and a fiery whoosh when swung.

Backstory Edit

Bowser Koopa first found this Lightsaber amongst the lands near his old castle, in which he took for himself and trained in Lightsaber combat wielding it.

Bowser then first used this Lightsaber in a duel against

Bio Edit

Then after The Battle for Berk and Equestria, the Negatronic Energy Saber was put in deep containment in a top secret location.

Throughout the series, the Saber is mentioned by many of our heroes.

But then in "Sunset Shimmer and the Rise of Venom" Venom orders Sunset Shimmer to find it, or else Sunrise will be killed.

Then later on, it's revealed that the Negatronic Energy Saber's energy brings out the darkness in a being, and slowly consumes them and takes full control of them.

And then as Sunset kept the saber with her, it slowly began to bring out her inner Darkness and made her eyes glow red. And as she kept it longer and longer it began to consume her. Then in China, Venom appears and tells her to hand over the saber. But she refused and kills him with it and throws Venom off the great wall. But the symbiotic came off him, and it bonded with Sunset Shimmer becoming a she-symbiote!

Trivia Edit

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