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The Centaur Claymore Saber was an ancient, crossguarded Lightsaber created by Harrison Rangereen, the first (and one of the only) Force-sensitive Centaur that was in the Jedi Order.

Specifications Edit

The Centaur Claymore Saber was a crossguard Lightsaber that was based upon the "Claymore" sword, which was a common sword used by the Centaurs of Centaurous Island. The hilt featured long length that allowed this saber to be held with 2 hands. With a thick pommel, while the hilt itself was wrapped in leather to make it easier to grip. The blades were colored blue with the main blade extending out to a length of 39in, while the smaller crossguard blades extended to a length of 20in. And this saber's blade was made with 5 blue crystals with the 5th, main one being bigger than the other 4. And the blade's length could be adjusted for use in close quarter combat.

Bio Edit

In the days of the Old Republic, Harrison Rangereen construction this Lightsaber after being accepted into the Jedi order where he would wield this saber in many battles and was highly respected by other Centaurs. On the time of Harrison's elderly years, he passed down this saber to his descendant who also became a Jedi Knight himself. And for many years this saber was passed down to the next descendants of the Rangereen Family Tree, but one day the Saber was lost and was never found again. (however another Jedi knight found this saber and put into a chest in an old Jedi Pyramid where it remained for years) And what was more, 20 years after the saber was lost, the next descendant of Harrison had gone missing.

17 years passed, and then in "The Sith Mummy II: Rise of the Sith Scorpion Equine" the Riders were checking out the same pyramid, something called out to Cerainel Rangereen (the next descendant of Harrison Rangereen) and it turned out to Centaur Claymore Saber. And when they came back to the Council about this discovery, Tirek's Father, King Vorak (who was present at the time due to the year of The Sith Scorpion Equine) recognized this saber and explained about the legacy of it.

Trivia Edit

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