The Beginning Adventure II: The New Threat is the second installment of The Beginning Adventure Trilogy.

Summary Edit

Previously, our heroes learn that it may seem that not all of the Sith have been eradicated. After having a meeting the team decide to go search for any more living Jedi out in the galaxy, to have a chance of prevent another event like Order 66 take place and everything they worked for destroyed. So, the team have gone into the galaxy to start their mission. But they find that an old enemy has returned but with a new leader. And they may get help from an unlikely ally.

Plot Edit

Opening Crawl/At the Spaceport Edit

The Film opens explaining how our heroes learned that the Sith may still be intact, so The Riders go out on a mission to found Jedi who have survived Order 66 and return them to the temple.

As the Space Duke is at a spaceport where the team are inside having a rest as Hiccup crosses off another planet they searched on a map. And, then notes that the task is proving to be harder than they thought. But Sharon is sure they will found Jedi as the records claimed a few hundred managed to survive. As the Crusaders are at another table having a drink as they are talking about the possibility of their old enemies returning. While Scootaloo thinks they might return, Sweetie Belle claims that are not coming back. But then they hear a familiar voice from behind them. Then they look back and see some of their old friends; Zidgel, Midgel, Fidgel, and Kevin. (A Penguin Space Crew that worked for the Federation and that they once joined on many adventures). As they catch up with each other for a moment as the Crusaders point out many things that changed with them since last time they seen each other, (mainly their Cutie Marks, Dragons, New Padawans, Sweetie Belle and Button's marriage and children). But the Penguins haven't had much of interesting things happen with them. For the Federation collapsed when the Galactic Empire took over and it left them doing odd jobs for enough credits to afford ship parts and food. As the Crusaders then share of their mission at hand, Midgel then remembers that they once helped a Jedi Knight before. One who went by the name of "Katswell". And they also knows she resides on Tatooine, in a secret home far out in the desert. And they could take them to her.

As the Crusaders share this with the rest of the team. Who agree to let the Rockhopper Crew lead them to Katswell. As they board the ships and take off, with the Rockhopper (the Penguins' ship) leading the way.

Changling Order Attack! Edit

Meanwhile, out on another planet, "Solarize". A small village is under attack being done by a new Changling army called "The Changling Order" lead by ther new ruler, Marge (Chrysalis' younger sister) and General Hornet. After Changling Trooper PTR-3541-SN is deployed, PTR-3009-SN is hit with blaster fire by a Wonderbolt Pilot who is on a recon mission. PTR-3541-SN goes to help his squadmate, but his wound proves fatal, and in his final moments, PTR-3009-SN smears his blood on PTR-3541-SN's helmet before dying, deeply affecting PTR-3541-SN. After securing the area, the remaining villagers are herded into the town square. Wheres Marge interrogates the top head of the village, asking her where the Crystal Empire is. But the village head claims she is nothing like Chrysalis and will never be like her sister. Growing impatient, Marge kills the village head by striking him down with her lightsaber.

The Wonderbolt takes a shot at Marge from cover, but Marge casually stops the blaster bolt in mid-air with the Force. The Wonderbolt is captured, and Marge decides to interrogate her further back on their ship. )as 2 Changling Troopers take the Wonderbolt's chopper with them in hopes to use its radio to find the location of the Crystal Empire. Before leaving, Hornet asks what to do with the crowd of captive villagers, and Marge orders them all slaughtered. Changling Trooper PTR-3541-SN is horrified as the massacre plays out in front of him, remaining motionless and not firing his weapon.

To Tatooine!/searching everywhere Edit

Back with the team, they arrive on Tatooine. After the ships land, the Penguins explain they're a little rusty of remember where Katswell is, but they know someone else in Tatooine who knows Katswell. In which they start off in Mos Eisley. As the Penguins go to some of their colleagues on Tatooine, they ask if they know where Katswell is (making sure to keep her position as a Jedi as a secret). But many of them don't know where she is. But they soon find someone who gives them a clue, but on the way there, the Pie Twins get separated from the group. And at the same time, a tall figure wearing a modified Motorcycle helmets watches the 2 young foals closely and follows behind.

Stormtrooper Chase/Meet Kitty Katswell Edit

Just as the Pie Twins try to find the group again, they end taking a wrong turn where there's a group of Stormtroopers! Whom of which tell the 2 to not move, but they run off instead with the Stormtroopers racing behind them. But then they run into the figure from before who then draws a shotgun, leaving them trapped between the figure and the Stormtroopers as the figure shouts: "Get Down!" When the twins do, she shoots down one of the Troopers, as she grabs the 2 foals and shields them from Blaster fire. As she throws them into a building on the side and then she shoots down the troopers, giving the twins a chance to escape. But then more troopers appear, but then the twins come to some speeders and then take one as the other troopers get on their own and chase them. As the figure then gives chase on a motorcycle. The chase then heads through a canal as the Stormtroopers fire at the Twins' speeder, but they do not score any hit. As the figure drives along side the speeders fire upon the troopers with her shotgun. As the Troopers then start ramming the Twins' speeder, the figure then drives her motorcycle off a ramp and into the canal as the troopers try to cut her off but she zooms by them and grabs the 2 foals, putting them onto her own motorcycle while their speeder crashes. As she then shoots out the Stormtrooper Speeders' steering vanes causing them to spiral out of control and crash, causing a fire explosion. As the figure stops the motorcycle and holds out her shotgun any trooper but none come out as she then drives off.

Soon as the motorcycle reaches a homestead far from the town, it stops as the twins, dazed and surprised hop off. And, They then ask how did she know that there were Stormtroopers in Tatooine and how did she know to come save them. The figure explains she sensed it, in which the twins realize that the figure is sensitive to the Force! As the figure asks what were they doing, wandering around Tatooine by themselves. Sugardrop explains that they got separated from their group whilst searching for a Jedi Knight named: "Katswell". The figure then ponders over the name for a moment as Gumdrop asks if she knows her, in which the figure removes her helmet, showing she's a cat. As she explains, she is Katswell.

At the hideoutEdit

Kitty then brings the 2 foals to her hideout where a muscular dog is. Named Dudley Puppy. Who is also a Jedi Knight. As Kitty explains how she and Dudley been staying in Tatooine since they went into hiding. As she goes on with their story, a unique equine filly walks into the room. Whom explains that she is a Dragony, (part pony, part dragon). And introduces herself as Hanah Streaker. And she tells them she's Kitty's Padawan Learner. Then she explains about how she lost her Parents to the Galactic Empire, and was left to fend for herself. But she was able to salvage what she could from her old home and built herself a shelter outside Tatooine. Where she did a few odd jobs and took what she could from Stormtroopers. And then when Kitty and Dudley arrived, Hanah jumped into one of their attacks on a troop of Stormtroopers, and after the 3 escaped. Dudley then offered for Hanah to join them, but at first, Hanah wasn't sure but then when Kitty's Lightsaber called to her, and she accepted the offer. As Kitty took her under her wing. Then the twins explained about their team's mission to bring back Jedi to the New Republic. Dudley was more than willing to join in as Kitty pondered it over then said that she was up to keep the Jedi Order intact. As she was one of the top Jedi Knights of the Order before Order 66. As she tell Hanah to gather her things so they can set off at once.

Meet the Toy Troop/the Toy's story Edit

Back with the rest of team, they are continuing to search for Kitty but then, Peachy Heart, Thompson, and Joe Joey briefly stop to take a rest but in the progress, they are also separated from the team, and by the time they notice, more Stormtroopers have already come in. And, they chase down the 3, as they notice some figures in the far distance and race towards them calling for help but then when they're in the view, they see a T-Rex, A Big Piggy Bank, and a Huge Slinky Dog! As they race back the Stormtroopers then start to restrain them as the T-Rex chargers them and knocks them down as the Piggy Bank gets furious and starts beating up the troopers as the Slinky Dog wraps himself around them, giving the Piggy Bank a chance to disarm the troopers of their blasters as he then sets their thermal detonators to explode as the Slinky Dog flings the Stormtroopers as they blow up, while the T-Rex roars at the spot where the troopers blew up. As they come over to the foals and help them to their feet as the Slinky Dog asks if they're okay. Which Peachy assures that they are. Then a Talking Potato walks over, who then asks the foals what they're doing as he then asks them if they're Force Sensitive. When Joe says yes, the male Potato then starts asking them ridiculous questions about them being with the Sith. Before a female Potato walks over and tells him they can't assume they're Sith without even getting to know them. As a Cowgirl then walks over to them and asks the foals where they came from as Thompson explains of their mission and also add they're the children of Jedi Masters Button Mash and Sweetie Belle. In which the Cowgirl is quite impressed as they've heard many stories of the Daring Dragon Riders, whom are quite famous in many parts of the galaxy. As she shares that there's some Jedi with them at the moment. As she brings them to a Space Ranger and Sheriff. In which Thompson recognizes the Space Ranger as he takes out a comic book which has the same Space Ranger in it. It was Buzz Lightyear! As he then asks him if he really is Buzz Lightyear, whom answers yes and notes that he noticed his comic book, as he adds that it's a very popular series he wrote. Which Joe is amazed to hear that he wrote his own Comics, as Thompson asks if he can sign them, which Buzz does as he then shares about how he became a Jedi Knight, as the sheriff introduces himself as Woody. And explains that he's Buzz's Padawan Learner.

As they head to their shelter where a 3 green aliens, Teddy Bear, High-pitched Dog, a Monkey, a Stuffed Zebra, and a clumsy, stuffed Giraffe are also in. As Woody then gives the foals the backstory of their troop. Starting off with how Buzz was the First Space Ranger of  the Galactic Alliance to join the Jedi Order. And that, during the time he served in the Jedi Order, he was one of the top ranked Jedi in the Order, and was skilled in fighting Mandalorians who tried to oppose the Jedi Order. Then, near the end of the Clone Wars, he came across Woody and his gang. Whom were having their own problems with some tough separatists lead by Lotso. And, that he's been hunting them down to execute them. As they rally themselves together with help from others, they soon are ready to fight Lotso and his goons.

And, soon they beat Lotso's army but he is no where to be seen. And they make their leave. Where Woody is found to be Force Sensitive and Buzz takes him in as his apprentice. Then when Order 66 was unleashed, Buzz was about to shoot down all of the turned Clones that tries to get them, so they then got into his ship and flew away to hiding. And, they landed on Tatooine. As the Giraffe (whom is named Getup), asks the 3 foals why they are wandering around Tatooine by themselves in the First Place, but Peachy explains that she and siblings got separated from their parents and the team they were with, whom were searching for Jedi who survived Order 66 and bring them back to the temple. Woody is more than willing to return to the temple, as is Buzz. As they get ready to set off. 

Wind Streak Interrogated/Marge's rage Edit

Meanwhile, the Changing team return to their ship just outside of Solarize, as Changling Trooper PTR-3541-SN is overwhelmed with emotions because of the death of his squadmate and the massacre of the villagers. He ducks inside an empty shuttle to take his helmet off, breathing heavily, but Hornet notices him and tells him to submit his blaster for inspection, having earlier noticed that he did not fire a shot.  He agrees to it and requests to go have a rest, she grants him with this. As the changling goes into the rec room and then collapses on a couch and falls asleep. But then he has a nightmare of a previous task he and his troop were doing, as they're murdering Fillies and Colts, and then one filly came up to him and begged him to help her, but one of his comrades shot her. As the changling then woke up with a start. Haunted by the dream and knowing he would be punished and re-evaluated for not firing on the villagers, and with his faith in the Changling Order severely shaken, he decides to desert. 

Meanwhile, after failed attempts of torturing Wind Streak for vital information about the Crystal Empire's location, Marge uses her mind probe Force power to pry the information from Wind Streak's mind. But she only gets little info. As she then goes into another room and ignites her saber and furiously swings it around, slashing the walls. Before she stops and heads into another room where various pictures of herself and her family and Queen Chrysalis are hung on the walls. And, rants about how her older sister was always more liked by her mother as she throws a dart at a picture of Chrysalis. As she then looks at a picture of the Crystal Empire and tells herself she will soon find it and she will be the new ruler of it.

Reunited with the team/Cazidy lends a hand Edit

Back on Tatooine, the others are now on the track to where Kitty is, but by now they notice the Pie Twins, are not with them, along with Peachy, Thompson, and Joe. But before they can even worry, they hear the sound of a motorcycle as Kitty then drives up with Dudley, Hanah, and the Pie Twins. And, then a small shuttle flies in as Peachy, Thompson, and Joe hop out of, along with the Toy Troop. After the introductions are given, a Tigle (a crossbreed creature of a tiger and eagle) named Cazidy walks in (she overheard their talking of Jedi) and informs them that she knows of a Jedi Master from the Planet Solarize. And, she can lead them to her. The Team agree and they take off into Space and set course for Solarize.

Escape the Changling Order! Edit

Returning to the Changling Order ship, PTR-3541-SN decides to free Wind Streak, since he needs a pilot to escape. So he frees the mare from her cell and they make it to her chopper. But as the troopers open fire on it trying to stop it, PTR-3541-SN mans the chopper's M60, killing several of his former comrades in the hangar, and then disables the shuttle's turbolasers on the outside of the vessel. During the escape, Wind Streak asks the Changling his name, to which he explains that he has been raised from birth to be a Changling Trooper, and the serial number "PTR-3541-SN" is the only designation he has ever had. Not content with calling an equine a number, Wind Streak names the Changling "Peterson", from the PTRSN in his name. Peterson likes the name, and goes on to use it. As Wind Streak explains there's a remote village they can get to so they can contact the Republic for backup. But as the chopper flies in the planet's atmosphere, a TIE Fighter flies in and opens fire at them. While Peterson is able to shoot down the fighter, the Chopper's tail is shot out, and it crashes in the desert. Peterson manages to get out from the mangled chopper and finds Wind Streak knocked unconscious. After managing to free her from the pilot's chair. He then throws her on his back as he then takes the chopper's M60 and 2 ammo boxes. And then starts off into the desert to search for civilization.

Arrival on Solarize Edit

At the same time, The Space Duke and Cazidy's shuttle come out of Hyperspace and and the team land on Solarize. Where they then make the long journey to where the Jedi Master is located. After a long journey through the desert, they come across a remote village where they stop to rest. As Cazidy then goes to one of the locals to ask if the Jedi Master is still around which he replies she is, and she's located at a remote settlement a few miles from the village. And, they set off again going through a long desert plain.

Peterson meets the team/questioning Edit

Meanwhile, Peterson is still trudging on as he's slowly losing strength due to dehydration. Then he sees something approaching as he tries to call out but is too weak to utter a word. Then he can clearly see the team but his vision is fixed on Skyla. As he stares in awe as he comments: "Beautiful". Then he collapses on the ground, which Skyla sees and then has the team stop to help him. At first they're skeptical of helping a changling but seeing that a Wonderbolt is with him they help him anyway. In the Space Duke's Medical lab, Peterson and Wind Streak are being cared for as the team inspect Wind Streak's dogtags and vin number. And, find she is a part of a Wonderbolts team from a nearby system that was on a recon mission for Solarize, but was reported missing in action. Then Peterson soon awakens, and he finds himself in an unusual place as he then sees a water cup as he then chugs the whole thing down. As Flurry Heart then comes in, and she then introduces herself to Peterson. As she then asks what he was doing in the middle of the desert, as Peterson simply says he was searching for civilization. Just as the Riders then come into the room as they have a few questions themselves. As they bring him to the main room as he's hooked up to a lie detector. As they ask him if he's on a hostile mission as Peterson explains he isn't and he's never going back to his troop ever again. As Skyla then notes she's never seen a white changling before. As Peterson explains that he's a rare changling, as white changlings only come around ever few years. And only come from certain changlings, and what's more, only white changlings have red eyes. As Astrid asks why there even are changlings since Queen Chrysalis and her Changling army were killed years ago. But Peterson explains that he's not from Chrysalis' army he's from a new one. And the army is more superb than the last. And it's lead by a new leader, Queen Chrysalis' younger sister; Marge. But Tuffnut points out Chrysalis never mentioned having a sister. Which Peterson explains that Chrysalis and Marge had a bitter rivalry. As he then explains the story of Marge and Chrysalis' childhood according the Changling Archives:

Marge was liked less than Chrysalis by their mother. She also knew less magic than Chrysalis does. Marge got criticized a lot for her jealousy of Chrysalis. However, with encouragement from their father, marge soon began to learn more magical skills and Force skills. But then, when the Jedi first stormed the Changling Kingdom, Marge choose to fled while Chrysalis stayed behind and their parents were slayed and Chrysalis took place as queen. As Marge continued to be in hiding, slowly learning more skills of the Dark Side of the Force. Then after the death of Chrysalis, Marge took over the Changling empire and took what changlings were left and together they built the Changling Empire into a a higher ranked military group, and had all Changling Troopers trained in very strict military skills. Where the Changling Army would soon become The Changling Order. Everyone was shocked by the story, as Sweetie Belle asks where he comes in all of this. As Peterson explains that when he was only a young larvae he was taken in the corps for extensive training. And he trained to follows orders and kill when ordered. But when then as time went on he started to dislike what his troop were ordered to do. Mostly killing civilians, such as Women and children. As Peterson then breaks down in tears as he recounts a particularly gruesome story about one time where his troop were on a mission somewhere else and were ordered to shoot down fillies and colts, he couldn't bring himself to do so but what really haunts him of it was where one filly, majorly injured came up to him and asked for help but then another one of his comrades shot her point blank as her blood was all over him, and he is still haunted by the image of the filly in so much fear and innocence lost in 1 second. As he goes on about how the image still haunts him to this day and he suffers serious nightmares over it as he then weeps on the spot. As the team can only watch in sorrow for him as Skyla then starts to comfort him as the others leave the 2. She then asked him questions of her own.

Skyla talks to Peterson/Back with the Changling OrderEdit

As Skyla was in a resting room with Peterson, she gave him a drink of tea as she began her own questioning. What was his current plan, which the changling replied he wasn't sure what he would do now, but he was clear that he was never going back to the Changling Order. And that he can't live with their cruel twisted life of murder and violence. As Skyla then offers Peterson a spot in the Republic in the Crystal Empire portion, and he can come in handy for the others. While uncertain, Peterson agrees to give it a go. At the same time, the Lieutenant informs Marge of Wind Streak's escape, and was aided by the deserter PTR-3541-SN. Marge ignites her lightsaber and lashes out in a rage-fueled tantrum, slashing at an instrument panel uncontrollably. As the lieutenant tells Marge that they also appear to have been found by some members of the New Republic. Marge grows even more livid, using the Force to pull the officer by his throat across the room in order to choke him with her bare hooves, and asking him who were the New Republic members. As he chokes, the officer informs her that some of the are the legendary Daring Dragon Riders. As Marge ponders over this, she then realizes that one of the members is the younger princess of the Crystal Empire, and then has an epiphany of it, as she lets the officer go, she then then tells him to have Hornet gather the troops as they will go and find PTR-3541-SN and the Dragon Riders. And, that they will begin their attack.

The Search for Ember continues/Meet the Dragon Force Edit

Skyla and Peterson rejoin the team where Sharon decides test Peterson in the line of duty as she hands him a spare Lightsaber as she tells him about their mission. While unsure, Peterson agrees to join. So then the team continue their search for Ember as they soon come to a run down town with at least one building intact. As they search the area, Snowdrop gets a feeling they're being watched. And then a net falls on top of them! Then 3 dragons pop out and ignite Lightsabers as they ask the team various questions, as the team try to explain but are cut off everytime they answer, until one dragon comes up and tells the other dragons to stand down. As she walks over to the team as she notices Toothless and Nightstar. As she asks if they're Night Furies which Hiccup confirms as the the dragon then starts laughing, as she states she knew that Night Furies were real as she then apologizes for the other dragons' behavior. As she then explains that ever since Order 66 was issued, they've been on the edge keeping out for Sith, Inquisitors, or Stormtroopers. A bit too much on the edge. And, that it is they've been prepared for any attack from anyone from the Galactic Empire. As Hiccup explains there is no Galactic Empire anymore. As they helped the Rebellion destroyed it years ago. And that they're searching for more Jedi who survived Order 66 and bring them back to the New Republic. Which Ember is more than willing to join them, as are the other Jedi Dragons.

Fight with the Changling Order/Flurry and Melody taken Edit

Then, just the team get ready to head for the meet-up point for the Space Duke to beam them up, the Changling Order then comes fourth and attack. As the team fight off the Changlings, Sharon notices Peterson isn't fighting as she is fighting some changelings. As she asks him what's wrong as Peterson tells her, he needs a weapon as Sharon states he has one. As Peterson doesn't get it at first but when he presses the button, the saber ignites as he then understands as he then starts fighting his own former troopers. And then one Changeling calls him a "traitor" and deploys a Electro-Staff, and they start clashing. Peterson is almost beaten when a shotgun blast kills the trooper as Skyla then races over to Peterson and helps him back up. And then, at another part of the battleground, we see Flurry and Melody fighting the numerous Changlings when Marge herself comes fourth as Melody lays down Blaster fire on her but Marge restrains her using the Force. Probing their minds, she discovers Flurry is too a daughter of the Princess of the Crystal Empire and Melody is acquainted with the Princess, and orders the Changling Order to pull out, saying they had what they came for and no longer need Skyla or Peterson. As the battle rages on, the remaining Changling Order troops board their ships and retreat, and Skyla witnesses Marge carrying an unconscious Melody and Flurry Heart away.  And Skyla runs to save her little sister, and Melody but was too late. Astrid then contacts the Space Duke, that they need to head back to the temple, immediately.

Return to the Temple Edit

Soon the team return to the temple, where the Jedi Survivors are introduced and they also give their inputs of how they survived the Jedi Purge. And then the team explain about the Changling Order and that they've got Flurry and Melody. And then Peterson explains about Marge being their leader, as the others are shocked to hear that Chrysalis has a younger sister. But Shining Armor is not quite satisfied with a Changling being present in the council room, as Cadance then asks Peterson if he knows where the Changling Order base is. Which he replies, he does. And gives the coordinates to a tropical planet "Lionel". and then gives a blueprints of the base. The main castle is run by a thermal generator that uses the tropical heat to create a large power source for the whole facility but if the generator's coolant system should have any contact to the tropical rain water, the whole thing would short circuit, causing the generator to overheat and explode causing a chain reactor that would destroy the whole base. As the council ask Peterson to help them destroy the base and Rescue Flurry and Melody. At first unsure, Peterson agrees to help.

Back at the Changeling OrderEdit

Meanwhile, on the planet Lionel, Melody and Flurry are in a interrogation room where Marge interrogates them. Intending on finding the Crystal Empire's location. As Flurry states she will never reveal the location of her home. Which makes Marge angry as she then uses the Force to probe her mind, but can only find a crystal castle. As Marge then moves to Melody as she tries to probe her mind, but try as she might, and Melody is even able to push back into Marge's mind. After a mental struggle, Melody announces that she can sense fear in her - fear that she will never be as better then her older sister, Queen Chrysalis. Marge gets furious, and then leaves the room. As the 2 remain in the room, Melody remembers her Force Sensitivity. She attempts to use a Jedi mind trick on their Changling guard, to make him release them and leave the door open. It doesn't work, but Melody tries again: this time he walks over and tells her he will tighten their restraints instead of undoing them. Concentrating, Melody tries one last time, and the Changling listens to her demands. She quickly also remembers to have him drop his blaster as he leaves so she can arm herself. As the 2 make their way through the base, Flurry uses the Force to locate her own Lightsaber and weapons, as the 2 then go through the vents to get to the room. And, soon after taking out 2 guards, they find Flurry's weaponry. Just as Marge then founds out the 2 escaped as she throws another fit of rage, slashing at the empty restraint chairs. And soon, the others now reach the outer atmosphere of the planet and then board several X-wings and smaller shuttles and they take off from the hanger.

Battle of LionelEdit

As one shuttle touches down close to the smaller section of the castle, the Riders, Shining Armor, Cadance, Ariel, Eric, and Peterson head one way as Peterson then warns them that these Changling are far more hostile than the old versions as they're also more vicious. Hiccup then proposes they split up so they can try to find Flurry and Melody easier. After doing so, Peterson and Astrid come across General Hornet. Where they interrogated her to give the location of Melody and Flurry, after she did, the 2 then duct-tape bond her. As the others continue their search. Then they end up running into Melody and Flurry in one of the halls (quite literally). They then manage to shut down the shields to the base, which gives the fighters a chance to fly in. As they then engage the Changling Orders' TiEs.

Duel with Marge/Melody vs. MargeEdit

Then, with the small team they then make their way to back exit, Peterson knows of. But as they leave, marge senses their presence as she then heads to it. As the Republic ships continue their assault the Rockhopper then flies in with The Crusaders on board as Midgel fights hard to keep the TiEs off their tail. And then, they soon see an opening in a a part of the thermal generator's coolant system line as Midgel then flies the ship straight into as the TiEs follow them. Fidgel then catches on with the idea, but Scootaloo is still confused of what it is. Midgel then explains that while TiE fighters are fast fighters, they have one flaw, and that is their speed make it so they can't turn really sharp corners that go in 35 degree angles. And with that Midgel makes the dangerous turn but the TiEs are not quick enough and crash into the wall, as Midgel then blasts part of the wall, which then explodes. As the X-Wings fly into the exploding wall and they all fire at the walls from inside the tube, causing the whole thing to collapse, just as a rainstorm starts. And the rainwater starts to short circuit the cooling system. But as the others make their way to the shuttle they used to land on the planet they end up running into Marge herself. Whom of which is impressed by the fact that the Royalty of the Crystal Empire would come to her home planet. But more so that the former Atlantica Princess would help out equines. In anger, Melody moves to fire upon Marge, unfortunately the former Force pushed her back, sendng her into a tree, knocking her out and before Ariel and Eric can make a move she then uses Force pass out on them. As Armor then races in to strike her down only to be blast with powerful magic and thrown asside.

As Cadance stands her ground, Marge proclaims she's more powerful than her sister ever was as she fires magic at Cadance but Cadance blocks it with her saber. As Marge then draws and ignites her own Lightsaber (Cadence slightly jumping at it deploying crossguard blades) and they both duel as Marge constant monologues on how she believes Cadance can do better than what she can. As they continue to duel until coming into a blade lock but then Marge scuffs Cadance's shoulder and then slashes one of her legs, and moves in to strike her down, but then Shining Armor comes to, and then leaps in and blocks Marge's saber at the last second. And then, Cadance manages to grab her saber and throws it to Armor as he furiously duels with Marge but his own saber is knocked from his grip as they continue to duel but soon Marge pulls a fast one on him and Armor is knocked out. But when Skyla was about to engage her, Marge Force threw her back and she hit a tree where she was knocked unconscious, as Peterson ran to her side. As Marge then shouted to Peterson: "TRAITOR!!!" And soon with that, Peterson got to his hooves and drew the Lightsaber he was given and ignited it, as he fought the Changling Queen, managing to strike her in the left leg. But as they come into a blade lock near a tree, Marge then burns Peterson with the left crossguard blade as Melody then starts to wake up. As Peterson then manages to graze Marge again but the Changling Queen is too much for him as he's disarmed and then deals him a grievous injury to his back. But after extinguishing her saber, she then notices Peterson's saber is jiggling, as she watches in confusion and then suddenly the saber flies though the air and right into the hand of Melody! And she activates it. As Marge does the same, as Melody charges and clashes sabers with Marge.

Returning to the battle, we see the fighters struggling to maintain their ground, and the cooling system isn't shorting out fast enough. As more X-Wings are shot down. Then, Nyx gets an idea for how to make the cooling system short circuit quicker, if they can scoop up tons of water from the rivers and ump it onto the cooling system, then the system well short circuit in no time. And so then they send out some of the dragons to scoop up buckets of water from a nearby river and they then all fly above the tube of the cooling system's electronics and all drop the water, as the system then short circuits even more and then explodes! And without the cooling system working, the generator starts to overheat.  

Marge and Melody continue fighting: Marge has taken even more wounds, but even so initially holds the advantage, drawing on his rage to ignore the pain. Marge becomes so impressed with Melody that she tries to tempt her, complimenting her strength with the Force and offering to complete her training if she joins her. This backfires, however, as it only serves to reassure Melody of her own power, she begins to draw on the Force to hone her attacks, and the tide of the duel shifts. Ultimately, Marge is able to overpower Marge and deal her a severe wound to her chest. By this point, Marge has taken too many wounds to continue standing, but she still struggles in vain to rise again. Before Melody can move in to finish him off, a large trench forms between them as the base begins to fall apart.

As the others awaken, Skyla tries to wake up Peterson but he can't. And since they're too far away from the shuttle they're trapped. But then the Rockhopper lands nearby as the Crusaders and Penguins get them off the planet to safety as the Changlings all evacuate from the base and manage to retrieve Marge as all ships then fly back to the Space Duke and it flies away just as the whole base explodes in a fiery explosion. 

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As the Space Duke flies through hyperspace, the team give the reports to the Royals who then reveal that Leia has found a lead to finding Luke Skywalker, and they'll explain more details when they arrive back. In the medbay, Peterson was found with the most critical injuries, as the med-droids can't do much else for him. But Skyla then came in and used her healing skills to heal Peterson as soon as she was completely Peterson slowly awoke. But was still a little too weak to stand on his own. As Skyla then thanked him for his help, and hugged him as he blushes a deep red while a heart bloomed from his mind. Then Cadance came in and thanked him as well and even offered him a place in the Crystal Empire to show their gratitude. But Shining Armor however, despite the fact Peterson went above and beyond to fight the Changling Queen gave him a bland thank you. As Hiccup and Yuna then walked in and told Peterson for his amazing act they've decided to make him a member of the Daring Dragon Riders. Which Peterson gladly accepted, before he then went back to resting. While in the main meeting room, Ariel and Eric then praised Melody for her outstanding fight against Marge and decided to let her join the Jedi Order at long last, as Flurry then notes she would be the one to train her. As Melody accepted this with pride as the Riders returned to the bridge, as Blythe set the coordinates for the Canterlot and Space Duke flew off, but then far somewhere else, a dark voice then spoke as he spoke to someone else but both were hidden in the darkness as the big voice told the other that he sensed another threat and it needed to be taken care of. As the other individual said: "I will deal with them, my Master." as the words: "To Be Continued" appeared on the screen as the end credits played.

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  1. Star Wars Opening Crawl (for the opening crawl)
  2. (during the Changling Order attack)
  3. The Mail Train Theme (when the Riders are searching for Kitty Katswell on Tatooine)
  4. Terminator 2 - 03 - Escape from the galleria (T-1000) (when the Pie Twins try to escape the Stormtroopers and are rescued by Kitty Katswell)
  5. Terminator 2: Judgment Day - The Canal Chase (during the Speeder Stormtrooper chase)
  6. (during the story of the Changling Order and Marge's Origins)