Sunset Shimmer's Lightsaber
Sunset Shimmer's Lightsaber
is the weapon that was created and wielded by Sunset Shimmer, following her redemption.

Specifications Edit

The hilt had a highly elaborate design, using multiple small power cells to create a scalloped handgrip. It also used microscopic circuitry to govern the nature of the blade. For the blade color, Sunset choose to use a yellow crystal.

Bio Edit

Sunset first constructed this Lightsaber 3 months after serving community service to make up for her evil deeds in the previous series. And after adopting Sunrise, she would let the young zebra use her saber when being trained in Jedi Arts.

Then when our heroes went to rescue a past Jedi Master, it turned out to be a trap set by Dawn Bellwether, as Sunset engaged Bellwether in a duel using her saber


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