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Sunset Shimmer

Sunset Shimmer is is a redeemed character from the previous series and is the Jedi Master and the mother to Sunrise Shimmer. Her dragon, a Whispering Death, is Shimmerblast.


Sunset Shimmer was once cruel, sadistic, and power hungry. And she tried numerous times to kill Twilight (both Equine and Human) and wielded a red double-ended Lightsaber. But during the Battle for Berk and Equestria her old Lightsaber was destroyed and she was killed by Percy. However, she was revived 5 years later, and regretted everything that she had done, but King Solar Flare and Optimus Prime will give her a chance and see if she can redeem herself. And within that time, Sunset changed her outfit and constructed a new lightsaber to a Jedi version with a crystal like a Yellow Sun.


Sunset now lives peacefully, as a Jedi Knight. But has a few times where she suffers from her old life, and even suffers from nightmares. And when encountering many villains who are Sith Lords, they were furious with her. While some would belittle her and called her a "Traitor", or even try to kill her.  

In "Return of an Old Enemy, the Riders are sent for a mission to find more surviving Jedi, but when they do, they get separated from an territorial Aggron and some get separated from the group and Astrid breaks his ankle in the process! Then someone tells her she can help her, and they turn and see Sunset Shimmer! And they point their lightsabers at her but she tells them that she's not gonna hurt them, and that she's changed but Snoutlout calls her a liar, but Sunset bows and tells them she's not lying and Snowdrop senses she's telling the truth.

And then in "The Zebra Foal" she joined the Riders on a mission to Africa for hopes to find more surviving Jedi but while there, Sunset met Sunrise, an orphaned zebra foal with only her own dragon for company, and decided to adopt her. And after thinking she learned her lesson, King Solar Flare and Optimus have called off all faithful eyes watching her, so she can train Sunrise, and be a mother in care.


Sunset Shimmer is kind, gentle, but mostly loves to keep her daughter happy.

Main WeaponryEdit


  • Despite being a Jedi Knight, Sunset occasionally has moments where she uses the Dark Side of the Force
  • Sunset Shimmer returns in Return of an Old Enemy.