Sunrise Shimmer

Sunrise Shimmer

Sunrise Shimmer is a young zebra who was adopted by Sunset Shimmer. And her dragon Solar Beam is a "Windstriker".


Sunrise lived with her Family in Africa. But one day her family was killed by lions, and she was alone, however she found a Windstriker egg and the baby Windstriker hatched, and she named it "Solar Beam". Then she was found by Sunset Shimmer who was restarting her life, seeing the 2 sad and alone she makes a campfire and Sunrise explains her story. Seeing this, Sunset decided to take her and Solar and adopt them.



Relationships Edit

Main Weaponry Edit

  • Green/Yellow Lightsaber/Blaster Rifle (constructed in "Sunrise's Path of a Jedi")
  • M203 Grenade Launcher (standalone)
  • Serbu-shorty shotgun
  • Kel-Tac P11 Pistol


  • Sunrise Shimmer made her first appearance in The Shimmers.