Sue Patterson
Sue Patterson
is one Blythe Baxter's best friends that she met on her first day of school, along with Jasper Jones and Youngmee Song. And she along with Youngmee and Jasper are newly recruited Jedi Knights in the series.

Bio Edit

Personality Edit

Sue is described as a "jock" by Blythe. Indeed, she does seem to have a knack for sports. She also has shown to be passionate and a little easy to frustrate sometimes. She seems to take things more seriously than others would, as shown when Blythe temporarily befriended Brittany and Whittany Biskit.

She also appears to idolize Blythe, as shown when she tried to emulate her in "Russell Up Some Fun."

Appearance Edit

Sue has a thin athletic build, being the tallest of her fiends, with fair skin and bright, sky blue eyes. She has peach lips and orange-brown eyebrows. Her hair is bright orange and a little messy, worn with a few yellow hair clips.

Sue usually wears a yellow shirt with a white t shirt underneath red pants with a number five on her pants leg and blue sneakers.

Main Weaponry Edit

Trivia Edit

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