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Starkiller is the former secret apprentice to the late Darth Vader who later became a founder of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. But since Vader's death, he went into hiding. He then later joins on heroes on a quest and later becomes the Master to Tempest Shadow.

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During the time of the previous series, Darth Vader found him on Kashyyyk when he was a small boy who was Force Sensitive, and he killed his master who was also his father and took him in to use the Dark Side of the Force, and he was task down to kill various Jedi, he managed to blind one and killed the others 2. But unforntuntly, Vader stabbed him when the Emperor discovers that he was using him to betray him. And was ordered to kill him, but Vader did and he was uncounsious and he foudn his body and revived him, and told him to destroys various Imperial targets, he did so. But when he managed to found General Rahm Kota and other leaders, they were attacked, and Vader took them all and reveals to Starkiller that he lied to him from the very beginning. And then he and Juno Eclipse arrived at the Death Star, and Starkiller saved them all and defeated Vader and the Emperor but he sacrificed himself for the others to escape.

Then Vader made a clone of him several years later, to destroy what remains of his legacy.

But as with the others, he inherited Marek's power and skillsat the cost of receiving his emotions as well, a side effect of memory flashes used in the training process.

Like those who came before him, the clone could not free himself from the emotional imprints passed on by Marek, especially his personal attachment to Captain Juno Eclipse, a former Imperial pilot stationed on Marek's starship, the Rogue Shadow. As with Marek, the clone's dedication to the dark side of the Force was undermined by Eclipse as he steadily became obsessed with her. When Vader judged him to be another imperfect copy, the clone escaped from Kamino and embarked on a personal journey to find Eclipse.

Lacking a name of his own, and refusing to take the one that belonged to his template, he was subsequently known by Marek's callsign "Starkiller." Immediately after his escape from Kamino, Starkiller's first stop on his quest was the planet Cato Neimoidia where he rescued General Rahm Kota, Marek's informal Jedi mentor. During this process, which took place in the city of Tarko-se and its arena, the clone single-handedly incapacitated the massive Gorog beast that belonged to Baron Merillion Tarko. His desire to find an identity for himself led him to Dagobah, where a brief encounter with the revered Jedi Master Yoda and an epiphany allowed him to glimpse into the future.

This vision offered him insight as to the whereabouts of Captain Eclipse, by then a Rebel stationed on the flagship Salvation. Darth Vader used Starkiller's obsession with her to his own advantage and hired the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fettto abduct and transport Eclipse to Kamino in an attempt to lure Starkiller back to his homeworld. Starkiller rallied the Alliance Fleet to launch a massive attack on Kamino, using the Alliance's military assets to help him achieve his own personal goal. In the midst of the battle, Starkiller kamikazed the critically damaged Salvation into Timira City and confronted Darth Vader. The clone proved to be as strong as his template and incapacitated Vader with a powerful blast of Force lightning, allowing Alliance soldiers to place him under arrest. Through Starkiller's involvement, the assault on Kamino became the Rebel Alliance's first major victory against the Empire in the Galactic Civil War. Afterward, Starkiller and Eclipse were assigned to personally transport their Sith prisoner to the Alliance secret headquarters on Dantooine to await trial and execution for his crimes against the galaxy.

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Since then, Starkiller went into hiding after the death of the Emperor and Vader. But in his secret location, while meditating, Starkiller had a vision of the Storm King and about the riders and decided to find them. As he finds them, they were shocked because he was one of the Jedi Masters to Luke Skywalker's Jedi Council!

As their journey went on, Starkiller shared that

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Like the failed clones created by Darth Vader, Starkiller was programmed with the knowledge and skills of Galen Marek via memory flashes. As such, he also inherited a similar personality as his genetic template, although some characteristic traits were more dominant than others. He was initially loyal and subservient to the will of his creator; fearful of failure yet also determined to prove his worth as the successor to the Dark Lord's original secret apprentice. In spite of his efforts to win Vader's approval, however, the clone was haunted by visions of his progenitor's life. Starkiller struggled to focus strictly on surviving his Master's relentless and unforgiving training regimen, hoping that the motivation to succeed would compensate for the confusion and frustration that he endured due to Marek's memories.[6]

On Kamino, Starkiller never questioned his origin as a clone. He fully accepted the explanation for his existence: the original Starkiller died and he had been created to take the apprentice's place. Nevertheless, he remained conflicted by feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty regarding his purpose in life. As with the other clones, Starkiller did not inherit all of the same emotional attachments that Galen Marek possessed by the end of his life.[6] Unlike the first Starkiller, who had gone to extreme lengths to uncover more memories of his forgotten childhood,[4] all the while developing an affinity for his Rebel allies,[9] the clone spared no feelings for the Rebel Alliance or the dead parents of his template. The Rebellion's cause was of little concern to him, and thus he was willing to comply with Vader's wishes to destroy the insurrection of his former apprentice. Regarding Kento and Mallie Marek, Starkiller immediately dismissed them both as irrelevant. They were long since dead, and hence neither mattered to him. After escaping from Kamino, he experienced several visions of the two Jedi parents through Marek's childhood memories, only to remain uninterested in either of them.[6]

Starkiller, uncertain of everything else, felt absolute certainty in his love for Captain Juno Eclipse. Darth Vader asserted that Starkiller's feelings for Eclipse were artificial; the result of flaws he failed to eliminate from an experimental cloning procedure, and one of many emotional imprints that were randomly distributed into each clone of Galen Marek. It was Starkiller's sentiment for the Human woman that ultimately drove him to desert Vader[6] and, in his deranged state of mind,[2] embark on a single-minded search for Eclipse.[6]

While Starkiller's actions were motivated by his fixation on Eclipse, and by extension the influence that Marek's emotional imprints had on him, the clone managed to distinguish himself as a separate individual from his genetic template to a certain degree. He insisted to Rahm Kota that he was not "Starkiller;" not the same man whom the Jedi General befriended and mentored. Furthermore, the clone adamantly refused to be acknowledged as "Galen Marek." In his eyes, the original apprentice's codename and birth name belonged to a different man, not to the clone who had been created to replace him.[6]

Starkiller was originally skeptical about the existence of Galen Marek's other clones. Darth Vader revealed that they had all been undermined by a variety of emotional imprints; some were distracted by memories of Marek's father; others were conflicted by his younger self; yet all experienced the same identity crisis that drove them into a state of complete and utter madness. At first, Starkiller was convinced that there were never any other clones, mainly because he found it impossible to believe that any other version of Marek could exist without being in love with Juno Eclipse. This belief was ultimately broken, however, upon viewing the aberrant clones with his own eyes. The revelation that Vader had told the truth about their creation led Starkiller to accept his origin as a clone; a copied version who was superior to his imperfect precursors, but still an overall failure by Vader's standards. Overwhelmed with internal conflict, the clone became even more desperate to hold on to his feelings out of the fear that they truly were counterfeit. After killing the aberrant clones, Starkiller was distraught with guilt and remorse. Through the Force, he learned that they all had the same inner turmoil that mirrored his own, hence causing him to feel as though he had committed fratricide—even suicide—by killing his clone brothers, all of whom were made from the same genetic source that created Starkiller.[6]

Though his abilities and Force techniques relied on the dark side of the Force, Starkiller's emotional attachment to Juno Eclipse caused him to struggle with his own anger and hatred. His compassion for the female Captain made him more resistant to the allure of the dark side, but it also proved capable of forcing him to surrender to its power if Eclipse's life hung in the balance. When Darth Vader threatened to kill Eclipse via strangulation through the Force, Starkiller submitted to his former Master once more.

Physical Appearance Edit

Starkiller is a human male clone of the original Starkiller.

A simple garment provided to all of the clones, his test subject garments were designed to be purely functional. The outfit consisted of simple slacks and short-sleeved shirt, basic boots, all dark colored, topped off by a brighter sleeveless tunic with a low neckline. The shoulders and the waist featured guards or braces composed of a leather-like material.[10] The uniform also appeared to be fire-retardant.[2] Starkiller's particular set was tattered and threadbare by the time of his escape, due to his heavy training under Darth Vader.[1]

Starkiller evidently found his Imperial flightsuit garment on board Darth Vader's fighter when he stole the vessel. The outfit was a simple Imperial flightsuit, though Starkiller notably did away with the helmet and chest-mounted equipment.[1]

A garment adopted by Starkiller just before his and Kota's rendezvous with the Rebel fleet, his Hero's armor would become his primary outfit. Consisting of a loose-fitting blue and white bodysuit covered by a long white, sleeveless tunic, the garment featured a utility belt covered with pockets and a segmented, bare-metal breastplate. His wrists and knees were also covered by bare-metal guards.[1]

The clone would also adopt a worn-out training suit[1] that was used by the original Starkiller.

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