Stacy Star
Stacy Star
is a batpony filly who is a friend to Sunlight. Who later becomes her Padawan Learner.

Bio Edit

Stacy Star was on a vacation with her parents and older bother, heading for Manehatten. But then when their train was racing through the canyon line, Stacy was on the Balcony of the brake coach enjoying the view. When a storm hit, Stacy was just about to go back into the train when a strong gust of wind hit the train and blew Stacy onto the balcony railing. Her parents and brother tried to help her but were too late as the railing was too slick to hang on, and Stacy flew from the train and tumbled head over heels down the the hillside before she hit a tree and passed out. Then Tod and Vixey found her and took her back to their fox burrow, where she stayed for 3 days, until she meets Sunlight, and then saves her from being eaten by Canine.

Personality Edit

Stacy is a kind hearted batpony. And tends to use her bat instincts many times, like hissing, hang upside down while sleeping, and use her fangs at tools. She tends to be slightly rude (only because her older brother often treats her poorly), but all and all she is kind hearted, and loyal to any one who befriends her.

Physical Appearance Edit

Stacy is a light grey Batpony with bat-like wings. A Light Blue and teal mane and tail. With purple cat-like eyes.

Main Weaponry Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Stacy Star makes her appearance in The Sunlight Movie
  • In " " it's revealed Stacy Star is Sensitive to the Force.