is a Whispering Death that is owned by Sunset Shimmer whom has also returned in the series.

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Shimmerblast was Sunset Shimmer's loyal dragon after she was hatched by Sunset and raised by her. And she would stick by her side for many years and help her when Sunset was on her own adventures. As years past, Shimmerblast would start to treat Sunset as one of her own. In The Battle for Berk and Equestria, Shimmerblast was among the other dragons that fought against our heroes, and she witness Sunset's duel with Percy and after watching her Master struck down, she almost jumped in to fight Percy but she backed down, knowing that she'd be no match for a Trainbot. As she left in exile underground.

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Shimmerblast stayed in her tunnels for many years until one day, she sensed her Master. And then she

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Shimmerblast is quite repressive at times but she tries to stay loyal to her master and protect her at all costs,

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  • Shimmerblast makes her return in

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