Sherin is a L&YR Class 5 2-4-2t tank engine that works on T.C.'s branchline.

Bio Edit

Sherin is one of the other engines that works on T.C.'s branchline beside, T.C. and Hugs. She normally does a lot of the freight jobs on the line but she does take passenger trains occasionally.

Personality Edit

Sherin is is a rather cheeky, but kind engine, and generally behaves well, except when she is getting into mishaps from being over-eager. And always tries to have a positive, optimistic attitude over life. But she can sometimes take things too seriously and often over reacts to most things.

Physical Appearance Edit

Sherin is a L&YR Class 5 2-4-2t tank engine with a coat of cherry red paint. with dark red wheels and a maroon buffer beam and running plate. With a sky blue colored whistle. With her name printed in uppercase blue letters on the sides of her tanks. And she has green eyes.

Trivia Edit

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