Sharky is a shark steam train.

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Sharky is a very wise shark and can help others out and guide others to unknown places when they don't know which way to go. He is one the oldest engines there is. And he speaks with a gruff voice. and has a serious attitude. As he tries to keep straight mind for thought. And often is quick to think of plans when one is needed.

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Sharky is a blue shark. With big googly eyes And he has red wheels.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Ocean Archeology:

Accordion Playing: Sharky is very good at playing the accordion as he can play several sea songs on it

Marksmanship: Sharky has a good marksmanship with using his machine gun, able to hit his targets in controlled burst fire, and when in smaller areas he is very accurate with his pistol

Sword Combat: Sharky is a really skilled Sword duelist, since he learned it from his father he can match his father's techniques and skills. He keeps a firm ground and is very good at using defense and waits for the right time to give an offense attack. Using lunges, slashing, and swing cuts.

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  • Lewis Machine Gun
  • FN Five-seveN USG Pistol
  • Tazer Gun

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