Selena (teen)
 is a Pegasus who an orphan but then was adopted by The Griffin/Eeveelution family. But then went into exile after a tragic event. But returned later to help her younger brother Breon.

And is the protagonist of the spin-off series: The Story of Selena.


Selena is a Pegasus filly who is playful and loves Brian. Brain came across her, he was shocked to find her quite interested in him. She on the other hand, was willing to follow him around. And soon became adopted by Brian and Sylveon.


Years later, Selena was used in a dark deed that Brian committed during his transformation into Darth Manacore. Where he lead Selena into a gorge while turned Clone Troopers caused a Dinosaur stampede. As Brian got Vinny and Peter to help. While Vinny manages to get Selena to safety but ends up hanging on for dear life on a loose root at the top of the cliff. Where Brian then grabs Vinny and whispers: "Long Live Brother" and hurls him off the cliff and into the stampede to his death. However, Selena hadn't seen Brian's actions of hurling Vinny off the cliff. Where she searched for him only to found his body. As Brian manipulated Selena into thinking Vinny's death was her fault. And then tells her to run away and never return. So Selena ran, (taking Vinny's Lightsaber with her) as Brian then sent Turned Clone Troopers after her, but Selena gave them the slip after getting through a cactus forest. Where she ran for many miles till finally collapsing in an unknown area from dehydration.

But luckily for her, she was awaken in a strange green place and sees other kids. Then a young deer walks up to her and tells her that his name is Bambi. As Selena asks where she is. Bambi explains she's with them. Where Thumper tells Selena she is in an oasis. Where they find their home after being orphans since Manacore came.

Then in "Selena Returns", the team couldn't believe their eyes. And she hands them over Vinny's lightsaber and they put it in a safe keeping.


Selena is very playful and cheery. She is just a little filly at heart and enjoys fun. She is also curious, and naive. But during her years of exile, Selena soon became straight-minded, observant, and resourceful.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Selena is a pegasus with an orange coat. Has a red heart for a Cutie Mark. And has blonde hair done in a ponytail and her tail is done up in a braid. With Blue eyes. And she is currently the age of a young teen

Main WeaponryEdit

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


Lightsaber Combat:

Force Skills:




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