This is where Breon searches for BB-8, encounters Sand People and where The Daring Dragon Riders show up in A New Hope for The Eeveelutions.

[the next morning, Comet is searching for Breon]

Comet: Breon? Breon. Breon!

[Comet then heads into the kitchen where Grassy Greens is]

Comet: Have you seen Breon?

Grassy Greens: He said he had some things to do before he started today. So he left the house early.

Comet: Did he take those new droids with him?

Grassy Greens: I think so. And I think he also took those 5 appliances that he keeps in his room.

Comet: Alright, I just want him back before 10.

[we sideswipe to Breon driving a speeder with K-2SO, Toaster, Blanky, Radio, Lampy, and Kirby riding in back]

Breon: Look, there's a droid on the scanner.

Lampy: Where?

Breon: Dead ahead. It could be our little BB-8 unit. Step on it!

[As they speed through a canyon, a Raider points his rifle at them but another one tells him not to, and they hop back on their Bantha]

[as BReon's speeder soon catches up to BB-8]

Breon: Hey, hold on there! What are you doing out here?!

BB-8: (beeps - meaning: "I'm looking for a place I can contact the Daring Dragon Riders from!")

K-2SO: Breon is our rightful owner now, BB-8! We'll have no more with these Daring Dragon Riders gibberish!

Breon: Well, we found you, so I think we better get back.

BB-8: [whistles]

Breon: What's wrong with him now?

K-2SO: There are several creatures appraoching from the southeast.

Lampy: It might be Sandpeople.

Breon: Or worse. Let's have a look. [picks up a slug thrower rifle] Come on!

Toaster: Breon, wait! It might be dangerous!

[they follow Breon]

[we then view 2 Banthas from the POV of Breon's Macro Binoculars]

Breon: Well, there are 2 banthas down there. But I don't see any... Wait, hold on.

[we then see 2 Radiers near the second Bantha]

Breon: They're Sandpeople, all right. I can see one of them now.

Kirby: Okay, now that we know that they are Sand People, let's get going back before....

[but then one appears and front of them!]

Sand People: [howling]

[Breon grabs the slugthrower but it's cut in 2 as he's knocked down]

Radio: Run for the hills!

[the Appliances then run away as Breon is knocked out as BB-8 hides in a cavern near the speeder asd he watches as Breon is vcarried over annd the Sand People start looting the speeder.]

Toaster: Kirby! What should we do?!

Kirby: I...I... I don't know.

[then suddenly there's a roaring sound which scares the Sand People away.]

Lampy: Hey.. Hey.. What was that? What is it?

Blanky: A dragon!

Kirby: I don't wanna hear another word about Dragons!

Toaster: You said it.

Radio: Sounds pretty close.

Kirby: Just don't even start.

Lampy: Sounds real close.

[then we hear footsteps approaching as the Appliances hide behind some rocks, as BB-8 watches several hooded figures with Dragons come over]

Stormfly: [walks over to Breon and sniffs him]

Connie: Is he okay?

Skyla: [checks him] He's okay, just knocked out.

BB-8: [beeps]

[the figures hear the beeping and unhood themselves, revealing to be The Daring Dragon Riders]

Apple Bloom: Well, Howdy!

BB-8: [beeps]

Hiccup: It's okay. We don't mean any harm.

Astrid: Besides, don't you reconize us? You were with us on Jakku, remember?

[BB-8 slowly rolls out and beeps]

Nyx: Don't worry. He'll be okay.

[Breon begins groaning and waking up]

Snowdrop: Take it easy there. You've had a busy day. You're fortunate to be all in one piece.

Breon: [jumps back in surprise] Who are you, guys?

Yuna: It's alright, we mean you no harm. You're lucky we came just in time.

Breon: Well, thanks for geting me out of that mess.

Fishlegs: Well, the Jundland Wastes are not to be traveled lightly.

[BB-8 rolls closer to the group as Snoutlout helps Breon to his feet]

Breon: Wait a second, how did you guys know I was here in the wastelands?

Sharon: We were contacted by a beacon signal thaty told us to come here.

Scootaloo: And what are you doing out here in the first place?

Breon: This BB-8 unit.

BB-8: [beeps]

Tuffnut: That droid is the reason?

Breon: Yeah, I think he's searching for his comrades. But in all my life, I've never seen such devotion in a droid before.

Thomlight: Did this droid happen to mention which comrades he's searching for?

Breon: He did. Some group called: "The Daring Dragon RIders." Do they sound fimalar to you?

Yuna: "The Daring Dragon Riders?"

Breon: I think my uncle knew them. But he thinks that they aren't around anymore.

Zeñorita: Oh no, they're still around.

Breon: Do you know about it?

Astrid: Of course we do, we're The Daring Dragon Riders.

Breon: Well, then this droid really did know about you guys.

BB-8: [beeping]

[then there's a howling in the distance]

Button Mash: We better get indoors. Sand People are easily startled, but they'll soon return in greater packs.

BB-8: [beeps]

Breon: (gasps) K2! The appliances!

Toaster: K2's over here, Breon!

[we see K2 laying on the ground badly damged and he's lost his right arm]

K-2SO: Oh! Master Breon. I've taken a bad step.

Breon: We've got to get going before the Sandpeople return.

K-2SO: Oh, just go on without me. There's no use risking your life on my account.

Breon: What kind of talk is that? We're not leaving you behind.

Snotlout: Just get him on his feet, they're on the move.

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