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Scooter Flame is Scootaloo's Monstrous Nightmare.

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Scooter Flame is very close to Scootaloo. And will race in to protect her. He's even helped her improve her flying skills. And he often performs daredevil tricks with Scootaloo. He even helped Scootaloo earn her Cutie Mark.

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Yuna and Scooter Flame first met in the Arena, where Yuna was assigned to kill Scooter Flame, but instead tried to train him, in order to show the equines the truth about Dragons. Even though it seems to work, Princess Luna interrupts. Startled, the Nightmare attacks and almost kills Yuna. However, he was saved by Nightstar. Despite this rocky start, Scooter Flame easily allowed Yuna to lead him out of his cage without threatening or trying to harm him shortly after he tried to kill the young Alicorn and Yuna introduces him to Scootaloo, helping them bond. Scooter Flame even shown concern that Yuna was alive from the Orange Fire Dragon.

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From the moment he met Nightstar, the two have been a little edgy of each other. Nightstar saved Yuna from Scooter Flame in the Kill Ring, and later worked together with him in order to defeat the Orange Fire Dragon. But after season 1, the 2 made amends.

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