Samantha and Slate are 2 sister chatterbox diesels and are Alter's henchmen.

Bio Edit

Samantha Edit

Samantha is the older and aggressive diesel, but sometimes act idiotic and she is always in charge of the big guns and weapons she carries around.

Slate Edit

Slate is Samantha's sister and is the younger and stupid one. And she is different from her sister,

Personalities Edit

Samantha is depicted as a

While Slate is

Physical Appearance Edit

Samantha is a British Class 08 diesel shunter with a coat of black paint and green eyes, while Slate is a Fowler 0-4-0DM diesel-mechanical shunter engine. With a coat of black paint and her name painted in light blue lettering and a light blue buffer beam. With orange eyes.

Main Weaponry Edit

Samantha Edit

  • RPD Machine gun
  • M60E4 machine gun

Slate Edit

  • Beretta M12 submachine gun
  • MP40 sub machine gun

Trivia Edit

  • Samantha and Slate make their first appearance in Age of Alter

Gallery Edit

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