Ropin' Rider
Ropin' Rider
is a cowboy earth stallion Jedi Knight that is a survivor of Order 66, and a member of The JKSH. Who later becomes the love interest (later husband) of Apple Bloom

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Ropin' Rider used to live in a Western town "Elevenwood" and was the son of the Sheriff "Riverbank Bob", and was training with the Jedi amongst the town. Then when he turned 16, his Pa made him a Deputy of the town. But then when Order 66 was issued, Some of the troops came to his town, and he lead the Jedi in the town to a shuttle and sent it to a safer passage while Rider himself left the town, and after a long journey, he meet up with the other Members of The JKSH and joined their team.

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  • Sharps 1874 50-90 Rifle
  • Roper Repeater Shotgun
  • Colt SAA Revolver (5in barrel)
  • Bond Arms Derringer
  • Brown/Orange Lightsaber

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