Roberta Bravo
Roberta Bravo
is a Mandalorian Earth Pony who was a close friend of Hanah Streaker.


Roberta was one of Hanah Streaker's best friends on Tatooine. She lost her parents in a conflict in Mandalore, so she became a young bounty hunter to make herself useful. But she only took on bounties that required the victim alive. Roberta also admired the Jedi, and often wishes to be like one. Then one day on on her bounty hunts, she found herself a Darksaber in a old Temple and took it as her own, and at another time, when she hunted a dangerous poacher, she took his Lightwhip after bringing him into justice. Then she read some articles about Lightsaber constructing and built herself gauntlet that deployed Lightsaber blades. At most times when she wasn't on a bounty hunt, she would hang out with Hanah, but after some Stormtroopers attacked Hanah's home, Roberta feared the worse and hadn't seen Hanah since then. As she continued her bounty hunting, she soon found an injured Terrible Terror, and doctored it back to health, which she named it "Manny", then later she found a Smothering Smokebreath, which she named: "Snuff", and then she found a Fireworm, whom she named: "Sparx". As time went on she trained these 3 dragons to follow certain commands.  And from then on, in her future bounty hunts, she had her dragons come along, and help her with bounty hunting.


Then one day, when the Riders and their allies came to Tatooine to


Physical AppearanceEdit

Roberta is an earth pony with a blue coat and fiery orange and hot magenta hair with Dark Magenta eyes. Who wears purple colored Mandalorian armor and golden gauntlets. Brown shoulder holsters, brown belt, and leg holsters. And also wears a custom made jetpack with retractable wings and mounted rocket launchers

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Fighting Skills:



Lightsaber Combat:

Main WeaponryEdit

  • 2 WESTAR-35 Blaster Pistols
  • Desert Eagle Mk VII pistols
  • Sawn-off M79 grenade launchers
  • Lightsaber Gauntlets
  • Lightwhip
  • Darksaber



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