Randall Boggs
is is the arch-rival of Sulley. And is the Leader of Dawn Bellwether's Inquisitors.


Randall was once a


Randall is greedy, ruthless, sneaky, short-tempered, competitive and overall evil in nature. As well, Randall is something of a selfish jerk who doesn't care about a lot of people. Judging by his intentions to capture children for their screams (and possibly never return them), he is probably willing to severely harm little kids (or worse).

Physical AppearanceEdit

Randall has three fronds with pink tips on top of his head, a blue tail, green eyes, four arms and legs and has the ability to completely blend in with his surroundings, making him invisible (as well as being able to cling to walls). He can also camouflage like a chameleon.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Camouflage: Randall is capable of camouflaging into his surroundings to hide easy as it proves to be an advantage of his killing of Jedi.

Lightsaber Combat: Randall is a very skilled Lightsaber Duelist (since Bellwether trained him in Jedi Arts). As he uses heavy Form II, Form IV, and Form V in a unique Jar'Kai style. Using 2 Lightsabers at fast speeds, and then he stole 2 Lightsabers from Jedi Knights he killed in which he perform a fast, quadruple wielding in his combat.

Force Skills:

Main WeaponryEdit