Queen Starshine

Queen Starshine is the Queen of Equestria, the wife of King Solar Flare, and the Mother of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.

Bio Edit

Queen Starshine was the queen of Equestria and one of the other rulers of Equinelantis, along with King Solar Flare. After she died, she would often visit in spirit form.

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Backstory Edit

Then one day, Starshine gave birth to a white alicorn filly with a pink mane. They named her: "Celestia". Years later when Celestia grow up into a young filly, Starshine gave birth to a blue alicorn filly with a light blue mane, in which they named her: "Luna." But then when Luna turned one, King Solar Flare's former Padawan, Ernie (who had been expelled from the Council due to his lack of patience) had returned with his own army and tried to kill solar Flare but Starshine stepped in front of him at the last second and was shot instead. Then on her last few breaths, she told Solar Flare to take care of Celestia and Luna.

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