Here's how the prologue and stealing the plans go in A New Hope for The Eeveelutions.

[We see Imperial ships invading Rebel ships above Scariff. Some Rebel soldiers try to make it to the door, but it gets jammed. One knocks on the glass but some ignore them, then they hear a breathing sound and look behind them. And then a Red/Blue Lightsaber ignites and in the red/blue light we see a dark lord]

Rebel soldier: OPEN FIRE!!

[The soldiers try to shoot at him, but the Dark Lord merely deflects the blaster bolts with his Lightsaber as 2 of them kill 2 of the soldiers]

Rebel Soldier: [hitting door] HELP US!!!!

[The Dark Lord continues deflecting blaster bolts as he then lifts one of the soldiers up with the Force onto the ceiling and slashes him with his Lightsaber]

[then another rebel soldier comes in and the 2 try to open the door but it won't budge]

[As the Dark Lord continues deflecting blaster bolts as he deflects one with his bare hand, killing another soldier, as he then uses the Force to disarm several of the soldiers of their blasters as he slashes and cuts them down as another soldiers races over to help with the door but he notices the dark lord closing in more but just as he turns around the Dark Lord then Force chokes him as he slams him into the wall]

Rebel Soldier: [holds out the disk through the gap in the door] Here! Here! Take it!

[the other soldier takes it but the one soldier is then stabbed through the chest with the Dark Lord's Lightsaber as it causes the door to open as 2 more soldiers open fire at the dark lord, but he deflects the blaster bolts and kills them as the soldier with the disk races into another room and shuts the door]

Rebel Soldier: LAUNCH!!!!

[another soldier then throws a switch and a smaller ship gets unhooked by the large Rebel ship and flies away as the dark lord looks at it with anger as he extinguishes his Lightsaber]

Captain: Make sure you secure the air lock. And prepare the escape pods. [he goes to the bridge] Your highness, the transmission we've received. [hands it to her] What does that lead sent us.

[We see a Jedi wearing a hood]

Princess: Hope.

[The ship goes into lightspeed]

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