MLP The Movie Princess Skystar official artwork

Princess Skystar is the princess of the Seaquestria/Hippogriffia and the daughter of Queen Novo. And a young Je'Daii Knight. And she has a rare Abyss Flyer named: Blue Squall.


Bubbly, chatty, curious and forever bored, young Princess Skystar passes the time in Seaquestria by making friends out of shells and giving them names like Shelly and Sheldon or spending time with her seadragon. Desperate to discover new friends and adventures, Skystar is thrilled when

Then in Mako's Great Parent Journey Part 1" Skystar joins Mako on his quest to find his family


In contrast to her stern and serious mother, Princess Skystar is a cheerful, bubbly, and playful individual. She yearns for companionship and friendship, and she is quick to grow attached to the main characters. Skystar also seems to be somewhat rebellious and impulsive, disobeying her mother's orders of never leaving their underwater kingdom to help her newfound friends repel the Storm King's invasion of Equestria and Berk.


Skystar is yellow with blue hair on her forehead and top head. She wears a necklace around her neck. As seapony, she light blue fins on her hooves/hands and behind, has light read flipper wings, a bright red sea flower on her head, and red coloring around her neck. As a hippogriff, she has wings, claws on both front and back, a light blue tail, the red sea flower is also a land flower, and the red coloring around her neck isn't there.

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  • Princess Skystar makes her appearance in Wrath of The Storm King.
  • Princess Skystar also gets a crush on Willy (but he's oblivious to it and just think Skystar's being a good freind. A bit too good)