Sharon (grown)

Princess Sharon

Princess Sharon is Princess Celestia and Barret Barricade's daughter, the cousin of Yuna, Skyla, and the Niece of Princess Luna, and the granddaughter of King Solar Flare, and she's in the stage of adolescence. Her dragon, a Fire Drake, is Alpha.


Sharon is the daughter of Princess Celestia and is quite the one for a knack in Astronomy. When she was just a young filly, she couldn't keep her nose in astronomy books and head out of the nighttime sky.


Sharon is alicorn with a knack of astronomy. She is very energetic, and usually wants to be a ruler with Celestia by her side. She also is loyal to Yuna and is always willing to show her more of astronomy.


Princess CelestiaEdit

Barret BarricadeEdit

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Sharon is a white alicorn with a pink mane styled in a pony tail and yellow eyes, and has a galaxy for her Cutie Mark.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Lightsaber combat: Sharon is very skilled in Lightsaber combat,

Force Skills:

Galaxy & Astronomy Knowledge:

Gun Marksmanship:

Main WeaponryEdit

  • M16A2 assault rifle w Mossberg 500 shotgun
  • Colt Anaconda Revolver
  • Glock 18C pistol
  • Light Galaxy Blue Lightsaber
  • The Solarsaber