Prehistory is earth-like planet with an asteroid ring around it. And is inhabit by dinosaurs. But unlike their Earth counterparts, there far more dangerous, and are more intelligent.


The planet was discovered by a group of explorers, and it was a key battleground in the Clone Equine Wars. During the final wars, the troopers have been ambushed by predatory dinosaurs. And the droids main base was a compound for building battle droids. However, Order 77 broke down, as the troopers killed there Jedi commander and they left the planet.

Then it appeared in "Darth Manacore Strikes Back" and while trying to loose some a Tie Fighter, a Mosasaur appeared from the ocean and grabbed it. And everyone was just amazed of the creatures on the planet, and Ace lands on a abandoned runaway in hoping to fix the Infinity Eagle. Then later it was raining and dark with thunder and lightning clashing, and Ace agrees that if they shut down the ship, the hyperdrive might work, though the others agree they do it. And the hyperdrive seems working. Then Snoutlout decided to head out there, along with Pepper and, and Pinkie and they walk out in the dark stormy night. Then the trio find an old compound and surprise to see wreckage from the Clone Equine Wars, and they've encountered a raptor but escaped. But a surviving rebel from the battle of Hoth gets separated and eaten by the pack of Raptors.

The next morning, they escape when a T-Rex was nearby, but a rebel from the battle of Hoth was left behind and eaten.

List of creaturesEdit

  • T-Rex
  • Utahraptor
  • Liopleurodon
  • Ornithocheirus
  • Diplodicus
  • Iguanodon
  • Torosaurus
  • Stegosaurus