CGI Peter Sam
Peter Sam
, named after the Skarloey Railway's previous controller, Mr. Peter Sam - previously Stuart, after his builder, Kerr Stuart - is a narrow gauge saddletank engine who lives and works on the Skarloey Railway.



Peter Sam, named Stuart in his younger days while being brought up under the instruction of Duke, is highly enthusiastic, eager and bubbly. He can be occasionally cheeky, teasing and a little cocky, but is kind-hearted, well-meaning and good mannered. He can also be prone to being a little naïve at times and perhaps take things a little too literally. Peter Sam has a special funnel which makes puffing much easier, after his old one was damaged in a nasty accident with some trucks that broke free from the incline. With an infectious attitude and high spirits, Peter Sam is almost kind and hard-working to a fault, seldom grumbling about late hours or extra work. Whatever job he can get he accepts. He is always nice to the coaches and even the trucks, unlike Sir Handel.

Despite being friendly with everyone, when the bigger engines, especially Henry and Duck, tease him or cause him to misunderstand something, he can eventually get aggravated and wish to give them a piece of his mind.


Peter Sam is based on the Talyllyn Railway's Edward Thomas, a Kerr Stuart Tattoo Class 0-4-2ST that originally worked on the Corris Railway. Interestingly, Edward Thomas only donned the Giesl ejector funnel for a limited time, while Peter Sam has used his since its introduction. Four other Tattoo locomotives are also preserved, including a replica on the Corris Railway.

Physical appearanceEdit

Peter Sam is been painted dark green with red lining and brass fittings. He has red and gold name and number plates on the sides of his saddletank and coal bunkers respectively.

When in equine form, Peter Sam is a dwarf earth pony with a dark green coat, black hair and wears a black fez. And has his number four as a cutie mark

Main WeaponryEdit

  • AK-37 assault rifle



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