The PTS Fighter is a TIE Fighter that Peterson hijacked and took as his own Spacecraft.

Bio Edit

When Peterson and the Crystal Crusaders were on a planet searching for some certain items, their shuttle they had landed on the planet was destroyed by The Changling Order. So then, Peterson found a crewless Mining Guild TIE Fighter, and they took the TIE away (even though Sweetie Heart kept telling them not to). But since Peterson never actually flew a TIE Fighter before, he had trouble flying it, so they took it around the planet so he could get use to the controls. But then when the rest of the gang found out about them hijacking a TIE, they order them to get rid of it, after they disabled the tracking beacon on it. But as they flew around, they used it to fight off some Changling Order troopers taking some foals prisoner and manage to grab the items they had to pick up and flew to a rendezvous point where they meet back up with the team. As Scander claimed that they crashed the TIE they stole on purpose. However, later on, it was revealed

Physical Appearance Edit

The PTS Fighter is a Mining Guild TIE Fighter, that was later repainted Silver with its stabilizers painted Red and Blue.

Main Armament Edit

  • L-s1 laser cannons (2)

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