Here's how the Opening crawl and the construction of the New Republic goes in The Beginning Adventure.

Stuingtion presents....

Dragon Quest Adventures....

The Beginning Adventure

Victory! Our heroes have finally defeated all of the their biggest, baddest, and most hated foes into one alliance. Including the Evil Bowser Koopa.

As our heroes celebrate their victory, new Jedi have emerge and begin learning ways of the Force and building a brand new Republic to make a better world for everyone.

And so now, our heroes are doing their regular duties....

[It scrolls to into Earth's atmosphere and into the skies, and we see the dragons flying by]


(As the dragons are flying through we see some new things in Canterlot)

Blythe Baxter: Alright, let's have another go at it! (Blows whistle)

[The Raptors go again and race through the course line and then pounce on dummies that look like Stormtroopers as they tear them to shreads]

Blythe Baxter: Nice! Now, take 10, we'll proceed later. (blows whistles)

[the raptors then race back to their paddacks]

[As Blythe walks down from the training stand, she meets up with her Padawan learner, Eliza Thornberry]

Blythe Baxter: Eliza, good to see you.

Eliza: The raptors are doing well, your training is really paying off.

Blythe Baxter: Thank you. Now, I think now would be a good time for some training.

Eliza: Yes, master.

[they then start walking for the Temple as they past by a house where some new crossbreed Dragon Hatchlings emerge from the door]

Blythe Baxter: Well, it looks like we have some new dragons joining us.

Eliza: Oh yes.

[Then, they past by a big warehouse where we see a hug starship understand construction as we hear various workers calling orders, then Blythe and Eliza reach a brand new Jedi Temple, where isnide we see it has a museum section, showing off stuff from the old Republic past Jedi Knights, and the Old Clone Trooper army]

[And then we view many of the Jedi Masters training new Younglings. As the Daring Dragon Riders then land onto the landing bay next to the temple]

[Then we come to a look out point on the temple]

[There we see the riders come up onto it and gaze out at all the many things incorporated into the city]

Yuna: Well, everything is now back to how it used to be!

Hiccup: It sure is!

Skyla: And to think it only took us 15 years to make it so.

Fishlegs: Indeed, but now we can all live in peace and balance at last!

[music starts]

(the Riders)

Morning in Ponyville shimmers
Morning in Ponyville shines
And I know for absolute certain
That everything is certainly fine
Peachy Heart, Thompson Colt, and Joe Joey
There's   en route to
Morning, Riders!
Our home is so gentle and still
Can things ever go wrong?
I don't think that they will
Morning in Ponyville shimmers
Morning in Ponyville shines
And I know for absolute certain
That everything is certainly fine!
Life in Equestria and Berk shimmers
Life in Equestria and Berk shines
And I know for absolute certain
[Main cast]
That everything (that everything)
Yes, everything (yes, everything)
Yes, everything is certainly fine
It’s fine

Thompson Colt: Yes! Everything’s going to be just....[but

[then suddenly an air raid siren goes off]

Thompson Colt: Huh? What's wrong, did I say a secret password?

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