Nightmare rarity in armour by 90sigma-d8knky5
Nightmare Rarity
is Nightmare Moon's younger sister. And while her sister runs the whole Nightmare Empire, Nightmare Rarity runs another fraction of The Nightmare Empire in the outer Rim of the Galaxy. And has her own Storm Equine Trooper fleet, and her own Inquistors.



Nightmare Rarity's personality is very reminiscent of Nightmare Moon's. Very little is left of Rarity, though she keeps her love of fashion (as can be seen with her battle armor) and is very vain. Nightmare Rarity is a villain through and through, cruel and sadistic, delighting in bringing enemies down and humiliating them.

While she can be manipulative, it is mostly only to toy with enemies - primarily, she relies on her army of Nightmare Forces to get her way. She does not often engage in battle personally, though when she does the results are usually devastating for her enemies.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Nightmare Rarity is significantly taller than regular Rarity. Her coat is dark purple and her Cutie Mark is a modified version of Rarity's cutie mark, featuring stars and glimmer. Just like Rarity, her mane is groomed in an elegant hairdo, but hers is much longer, multicolored and somewhat etherealized, star-like glitters can be seen within her mane. Her eyes are a pale cold blue, with vertical pupils, and diamond-like glimmers can be seen within.

She sometimes wears crowns, usually incorporating crescent moons and diamond symbols. During her invasions of many Planets, she wears a golden and very tacky version of Nightmare Moon's armor, featuring a high collar and engraved with a lot of jewelry.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Nightmare Rarity wields a great amount of dark magic.

Nightmare Rarity, true to her name, has the ability to manipulate the dreams and nightmares of others, creating vivid illusions. She was almost able to trick Spike by posing as regular Rarity and offering him a place by her side as King of the Nightmares.

And like her sister, Nightmare Rarity is strong in the Dark Side of the Force, being able to perform strong Force Lightning. And many Sith Lord Force Tricks. When in Lightsaber combat, Nightmare Rarity uses a unique version of Form II she created herself often mixing it with Form VI.

She also a skilled pilot, as she flies a heavily customized TIE Advanced (that's encrested with Diamonds and Amethysts.)

Main WeaponryEdit



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