This is where Sunlight, Stacy, Buttercream, and the foxes go on the trail to finding their way back in The Sunlight Movie.

[soon the sun has risen and Sunlight wakes up]

Sunlight: (yawns) Stacy? Buttercream? Tod? Vixey?

[Sunlight then goes outside the den and sees them]

[we then see Stacy sitting on a cliffside, gazing at the view]

Sunlight: Stacy?

Stacy: Hey, Sunlight.

Sunlight: What are you doing?

Stacy: Just enjoying the view.

[Sunlight then comes over and takes a seat next to Stacy and she is amazed at the view before them]

Sunlight: Wow! This is amazing! It's like we're up in the clouds!

Stacy: Yeah, this is one of the things I enjoyed in this part of the wilderness.

[then the foxes and Buttercream come on over]

Tod: Well, I suggest we get going.

Vixey: Yes, it's about time we help you guys get back with your kin.

Sunlight: But where can we go?

Tod: I know where the railway line meets up with the cliffsides. And then we come follow the railway line to a small town where you can send a message back to your home.

Buttercream Sunday: How do we get there?

Vixey: We know of a hillside trail that leads there.

Sunlight: Then let's go!

[Soon they journey down the way, but soon they are spotted by Canine]

Canine: I found you. [he then starts walking down the ledge he was watching from]

[It goes back to the others who are looking for the girls]

Yuna: Sunlight! Stacy!

Judy Hopps: Buttercream!

[we then see Carpet flying above the woods, with Aladdin, Genie, Abu, and Jasmine riding onboard]

Aladdin: Hurry, Carpet!

Genie: We gotta find our little friends before something really bad happens to them!

Sharon: (riding Alpha) Sunlight! SUNLIGHT!!! (it echoes)

Hair Trigger: [puts his hoof around her] Don't worry, we're gonna find her.

[we watch as several of the dragons are flying all around the skies searching]

Twilight: We can't stop now, they could be anywhere!

Rainbow: We can't rest now! We've gotta find them! We just gotta!

Barret Barricade: Sunlight, Stacy, Buttercream!

Princess Celestia: Sunlight, please. We miss you! I just want you in my arms!

[we even see the Crusaders' Train riding the rails, as many of our heroes are looking around, and we even see the other engines]

Stanley: Where are you girls?! We miss you! (but only his echo comes back) [echoing] We miss you!

Apple Bloom: Any sign of em'?

Scootaloo: No sign of em'! Keep this train rollin'!

Ralphie: We're keeping it at a steady pace here.

Dorthy Ann: And according to common sense, the most likely location for them to end up is by the railway line. So it's likely we'll find them along the line.

[all search parties all continue on, as Sunlight, Stacy, Buttercream, and the Foxes continue on. Then they soon are at a rock pile]

Sunlight: We aren't going over that, are we?

Tod: Yes, we are. It's the only way to get to the railway line! [starts climbing the rocks]

Vixey: So, let's get over it! [starts climbing as well]

Buttercream Sunday: Last on there, is a Slowpoke! So Stacy, you're a Slowbro!

Stacy: Very funny, Buttercream!

Sunlight: Hey! I don't wanna be the Slowpoke!

[soon all of them are climbing the rocks, but Sunlight is having trouble doing so. Soon, the rocks soon getting at a level grand, but there are many loose rocks on the path.]

Stacy: Sometimes it pays to be a batpony who is a talented climber! [collapses the rock Sunlight is climbing on]

Sunlight: Hey! [gets back on another rock] You did that on purpose!

Stacy: Yeah, but this is an accident! [unleashes more rocks at her]

Sunlight: WHOA!!!

[Then Stacy hops over another rock, but then she slips and falls as a rock looses and falls onto her wing]

Stacy: GAH!!! My wing!

Sunlight: Stacy? [comes over]

Stacy: Get me out of here!

Sunlight: Hang on! [pushes against the rock, but it won't budge] Maybe I can cut you free.

Stacy: Wait! What if you cut my wing by mistake? I really don't wanna experience a Lightsaber cut!

Sunlight: Okay. Maybe I can get Tod and Vixey to help!

[Then Sunlight gets Tod and Vixey over as Buttercream continues bounding over the rocks, until she reaches a rickety log]

Buttercream Sunday: Oh boy. A rickety log, just what I need to make this adventure more exciting! [she then happily starts hopping along the log, giggling, until she bumps into something] Oof!

[then Buttercream looks, and there on the other side of the log, was Canine!]

Canine: [low snarling as he looks at Buttercream]

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