Mushu is a small dragon who is Nyx's assistant.

Backstory Edit

When Nyx was sent to find the lost Royal Seal of Maretonia, Twilight felt like Nyx needed help on her mission, but Princess Celestia noted that they already sent someone to help out Nyx. Then when Nyx arrived at Maretonia,

Then after many other adventures, Nyx decided to make Mushu her personal assistant.

Bio Edit

Mushu is now by Nyx's side as her assistant and is ready to help Nyx out with any order he is given,

Relationships Edit

Nyx Edit

Mushu is really close to Nyx, and often calls her "Nyxie".

Eclipse Edit

Main Weaponry Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Mushu is one of the first few to use the brand new "Mini Saber"

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