is Queen Chrysalis' younger sister who took over the Changling Kingdom after the death of her sister, and her main goal is to avenge her sister and take over the Crystal Empire!

History Edit

When Marge was young, she was liked less than Chrysalis by their mother. She also knows less magic than Chrysalis does. Marge got criticized a lot for her jealousy of Chrysalis. However, with encouragement from their father, marge soon began to learn more magical skills and Force skills. But then, when the Jedi first stormed the Changling Kingdom, Marge choose to fled while Chrysalis stayed behind and their parents were slayed and Chrysalis took place as queen. As Marge continued to be in hiding, slowly learning more skills of the Dark Side of the Force. Then she found a cave with Kyber crystals, and there she collected a few red and greenish-blue crystals. Then using the old designs from the old Republican, she created herself a dual-phased Crossguard Lightsaber. However during the construction, the Kyber crystals got cracked, which gave the blades an unstable, serrated appearance.

Bio Edit

Personality Edit

Marge is as cruel as her own sister. Marge is deceitful, baleful, and ruthless.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Main Weaponry Edit

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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