This is where our heroes leave Tatooine and how the Destruction of Jestoria goes in A New Hope for The Eeveelutions.

[we then view our heroes walking towards the loading dock]

Sharon: If the ship's as fast as his gloating, we ought to do well.

[But then a spy watches them and gets out a comlink, and soon our heroes arrive and revealed it's an XS Stock light freighter]

Breon: It's nothing but a piece of junk!

Ace Uno: He'll make .5 past light speed. It may not look like much, but the Ol' Eagle's a very fast ship like no other. I'm made a lot of special modifications to it, myself.

Carlos: Is it just as Fast as The Millennium Falcon?

Ace Uno: [pats Carlos' back] Kid, let me tell you, this ol boy's known to be a little bit faster than the Millennium Falcon. (in his mind: Altough, I'm not quite sure this is true). But we're a little rushed, so if you lot could hop on board, we'll get on outta here.

[they start to board the ship]

Kirby: Well, I don't care what that Griffon says, that ship just looks like a pile of junk to me!

K-2SO: Hello, sir.

[then a few Stormtroopers walk into the scene and talk to the spy]

Stormtrooper: Where is he?

Alien: [points towards the docking bay]

Stormtrooper: All right, men, lock and load.

[they then race into the docking bay]

Stormtrooper: Hey! Stop right there! Open fire!

[all Stormtroopers open fire as Ace then returnes fire with his DL-44 and A-180 Blaster Pistols, as he shoots down several of the trooopers and races into the ship and shuts the door]

Ace Uno: Croco, get us out of here! Drive!

K-2SO: Oh, I forgot I hate space travel!

["Escape From Naboo" begins playing]

[the ship takes off and flies off]

[but as it flies out of atmostphere, the radar picks up something]

Crocodog: (growls)

Ace Uno: Looks like a Nightmare Empire Cruiser. Our passsengers must be more valuble than I thought. Try and hold 'em off. Angle the deflector shields while I make calculations for the jump into light speed.

Crocodog: [growls]

[from outside, we see 2 Nightmare Empire Star Destroyers appear as they pursue the Infinity Eagle]

Ace Uno: Stay sharp. There's 2 more comin' at the port stern. They're gonna try to cut us off.

[then Breon races into the cockpit]

Breon: Well, why don't you outrun 'em? I thought you said this thing was fast!

Ace Uno: Shut your mouth, kid, or you're gonna find yourself floating back home. We'll be safe when we make the jump into hyperspace. Sides, I know a few tricks, we'll lose 'em.

[outside, the Star Destroyers draw fire upon the Eagle]

Blanky: We're being fired upon!

Cripin: Duh, Blanket! We felt it too!

Lampy: Do you think this is safe?! Or do you think that Griffon will get us into hyerspace in time?!

Cripin: I'm sure he will! Just keep your lightbulb in!

[we see Lampy's lightbulb is on the ground in front of Lampy]

Cripin: No, seriously! [puts it back in] Keep your lightbulb in!

Astra: [races into the cockpit] Hey, Ace. Not to pressure you, but can we get goin' all ready?!

Ace Uno: It'll take a few moments to get the coordinates from the navicomputer.

Breon: Are you kiddin'?! They're right there, gaining on us?!

Ace Uno: Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dustin' crops, boy! Without precise calculations, we could fly right through a star or bounce tooo close to a supernova, and that would end the trip real quick, wouldn't it?

Breon: [points to a light] What's that flashing?!

Ace Uno: We're losing a deflector shield. Go strap yourselves in, it could be a bumpy ride! I'm gonna make the jump to light speed.

Crocodog: [growls]

[Ace then pulls a switch and the ship zooms into hyperspace!]

[we then sideswipe to the Destruction Moon now outside of Jestoria's atmosphere]

[Darth Manacore brings in Esmeralda]

Crewmen: We've entered the Jestoria system.

Esmeralda: Mojo Jojo! I should've expected to find you holding Manacore's leash. I recognized your foul strench when I was brought on board.

Mojo Jojo: [chuckles] Charming to the last. You don't know how hard I found it trying to figure out how to terminate your life.

Esmeralda: I'm surprised you had the courage to take the responsibility yourself. Normally, you send those rust buckets do your work.

Mojo Jojo: Gypsie Esmeralda, before we figure your fate, I would like you to be my guest at a ceremony that will make this very battle station operational. No star system will dare to oppose the Nightmare Empire now.

Esmeralda: The more you tighten your grip, Mojo, the more star systems will slip through your stubby, little fingers.

Mojo Jojo: [looks at his hands for a brief moument to see their size] True you might be, but that won't be the case when we demonstrate the power of this station. In a way, you hav e determined our first choice of which planet will be destroyed. Since you are reluctant to provide us with the location of the Rebel base... [pauses for a breif moument] Or the location of all of your Jedi comrades. I have chosen to test this station's destructive power on the planet: Jestoria! The very planet that has a lot of your people upon its surface!

Esmeralda: No! Jestoria is peaceful! None of the gypsies upon have anything against the Nightmare Empire, let alone any weapons, you couldn't possibl.....

Mojo Jojo: To you! They mean nothing, but to our client, Clude Frollo, gypisies are evil, slothful beings! But, would you prefer another target destroyed? Perhaps, a military target? Then name the system! Or you can kiss Jestoria good bye! I've tried to fair with you, but you still hold restrant on us. Now, this is the last time I'm gonna ask you; Where... is... the REBEL BASE LOCATED!!?!?! [it echoes]

Esmeralda: [looks out at Jestoria then back to Mojo] Dantooine. They're on Dantooine.

Mojo Jojo: Now, that's more like it. You see, Manacore? She can be reasonable. [to the crew] Continue with the operation and fire to fire when ready.

Nightmare Empire officer: Yes sir.

Esmeralda: What?!

Mojo Jojo: You're far too trusting. Dantooine is too remote to make an effective demonstartion, but don't you worry. We'll take care of your Rebel friends soon. And then maybe afterwards, we'll deal with your Jedi comrades.

Esmeralda: You double-crosser! [tries to jump Mojo but Manacore holds her back]

Announcer: Commence, primary firing ignition!

[all crew press buttons and pull switches, as the laser beam warms up and then it fires!]

Esmeralda: NOOO!!!!!

[the beam strikes the planet and the whole thing explodes in a firey explosion!]

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