Lampy (The Brave Little Toaster)

Lampy is one of Breon's companions on Tatooine. He is the only appliance who is clearly literate (probably due to shining his light on the books Breon would be reading), as he is seen reading a phone book with more aptitude than Toaster. He has no arms but can use his electric cord and plug as handy appendages.

Personality Edit

Lampy is outgoing and impatient and has a habit of repeating words he's already said per sentence. He has moments of thoughtfulness. He also has moments of incredible selflessness; his moment of glory came when he turned himself into a lightning rod during a thunderstorm in order to recharge the group's battery, which consequently blew out his bulb. Lampy was later given a new bulb by the Hanging Lamp in Elmo St. Peters' Parts Shop (he is also the second most sensitive member of the group, apart from Blanky).

He also has moments of brilliance in spite of his lack of significant intelligence, such as when he came up with a plan for rescuing Radio when Elmo St. Peters was about to pull out Radio's tubes.  He can be a bit crabby at times as shown in the first movie when he presses Radio's button to shut him up more than once, and when he threatens Radio about waking them all up at 6 AM.

Physical Appearance Edit

Lampy is an orange desktop lamp with a long, flexible gooseneck, from his head to his body.

Trivia Edit

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