Knockout diesel

Knockout is a yellow SD40-2 diesel. He is friendly and always ready to help out.

Bio Edit

Unlike most diesels, Knockout is a very special diesel locomotive, he pulls heavy loads and passengers. And he's a great friend with 1206, Paxton, and Rusty.

Personality Edit

Knockout is friendly and a little shy. But when the villains are taking over he turns down for determination to execute them.

Physical appearance Edit

Knockout is EMD SD40-2 diesel locomotive colored yellow. With his windshield windows acting like his eyes, while his wipers act like his eyebrows. He has his name printed underneath his side windows printed in dark gray. And in his number plates next to his top headlights are dark gray with his name printed in light grey lettering on them.

Main Weaponry Edit

  • M60E3 machine gun
  • Remington 1100 shotgun

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