Kitty Katswell's Lightsaber

Kitty Katswell's Lightsaber is a curved-hilt Lightsaber wielded by Jedi Master, Kitty Katswell.

Specifications Edit

After becoming Jedi Master, Kitty handcrafted the weapon's unique hilt with a kyber crystal that emitted a lime green blade. Unlike any standard lightsaber, Kitty crafted her with an unusual curved shape, which helped control the weapon when in a duel. Primarily, it allowed Kitty greater finesse in combat when lunging or slashing at an opponent. And was fitting for when Kitty used Form II during combat, but it also proved to do well when she used Form IV.

Bio Edit

After going into exile, Kitty rarely used her saber, but after taking Hanah Streaker in as her padawan, she sometimes let Hanah use her saber for most of the train, until Hanah constructed her own saber. And the 2 would often duel each other as Hanah's training continued.

Then Kitty would use her saber in a duel against

Trivia Edit

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