King Solar Flare

King Solar Flare is the king of Equestria and the ruler of Equinelantis. And the father to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. His dragon is a Flare Flyer named "Day Light".

Backstory Edit

King Solar Flare is the second in command of Equinelantis, next to his Father, Lunarlight. He lived in Equinelantis with his wife, Queen Starshine. Then one day, Starshine gave birth to a white alicorn filly with a pink mane. They named her: "Celestia". Years later when Celestia grow up into a young filly, Starshine gave birth to a blue alicorn filly with a light blue mane, in which they named her: "Luna." But then when Luna turned one Queen Starshine was killed by Ernie the Giant Chicken, leaving King Solar Flare to care for their daughters. He taught them everything he knew about Equestria as well as the moon and sun.

Bio Edit

King Solar Flare continues to rule over Equestria

Personality Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Skills and Abilities Edit

Magic Powers:



Force Skills:

Lightsaber Combat:

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