Here's how the battle on Hoth goes in The Beginning Adventure.

[Soon, it shows Hoth with Rebel ships flying in]

[inside the main cruiser]

Zoe Trent: Hoth? Are you sure this is where the Wookies have been calling from?

Blythe Baxter: I think so.

Zoe Trent: But Hoth is so cold!

Vinnie Terrio: Yeah, reptiles don't suite the cold.

Zeñorita: Not to worry Mi Amigoes, I've taken care of that. [takes out some vials from her knapsack] Give this to your Dragons, you too Vinne. [hands him one of the vials]

Vinnie Terrio: What is this?

Zeñorita: It's a body heat brew. It will allow reptiles to withstand the cold for 15 hours Jut drink it down and you'll be able to survive in the cold.

Vinnie Terrio: Okay, what ev you say. [pops cork off the vial and drinks it] Hmm, tastes like cherry soda.

Mushu: [drinks from his vial] Yeah, it kinda does.

[the others then give their dragons the brew too]

Hiccup: [to the commander] We'll head on ahead and scout the area, and if we found anyone we'll send you for you.

Commander: Yes, Sir!

[It sideswipes to the main docking bay on the ship as the team hop into their own X-wings and fly out]

[soon they arrive on Hoth where some Wookies are waiting on a docking bay]

[the ships then land as the team emerges from them]

Leader Wookie: [growls]

Blythe Baxter: I understand.

Leader Wookie: [growls]

Blythe Baxter: Don't worry, sir. We're gonna help you and your team out.

Apple Bloom: What's up?

Blythe Baxter: He says that the troopers are said to be in the east portion preparing several shuttles to head for Canterlot.

Hiccup: Right, scout the area, and if you see anything report it back.

Wookies: [growl]

[they then head east portion where they split up]

[we then come to Scootaloo and Scooter Flame as they crawl up a small hill]

Scootaloo: [looks through binoculars]

[from the binoculars POV, we see several tanks]

Scootaloo: Tanks. [signals to Scooter Flame to move in]

Scooter Flame: [nods and he creeps slowly forward]

Scootaloo: [into Com-link] We see the enemy. We're going in to get a better look. Stand by.

[as Scooter Flame creeps up to the tanks, he then sees some Stromtroopers near them as he crouches down and quietly grabs them down in the deep snow. Then Scootaloo comes over as she then notices the logo on the Stromtrooper's army, which is a Moon symbol]

[Then, Scootaloo takes out a detonator and mounts it on one of the tanks]

[Then the others and the Wookies come in and take different positions ready to strike]

[then the timer on the detonator hits the end and it goes off, blowing up the tank, causing the others to follow]

[Soon, they all attack as Wookies shoot down several troopers with their Bowcasters, as Zeñorita fires off some grenades, as the Stormtroopers return fire.]

[And, the team then emerges as they ignite their Lightsabers and engage the troopers]

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