Hugs tramway diesel

Hugs is a tramway diesel who is T.C.'s girlfriend, and handles the quarry work on T.C.'s Branchline.

Bio Edit

Personality Edit

Hugs may have a girly name but she's really a tomboy. She also has a crush on T.C. and often calls him "T". She's also helped Rarity understand, if you wanna get any kind of job done, then you'll have to get your hooves, buffers, or hands dirty while doing so.

Physical Appearance Edit

Hugs is a Class 04 "tramway" diesel shunter, whom is completely purple on her whole body.. And has a small brown lamp on her buffer beam. When in equine form, Hugs is a unicorn mare with a purple coat and purple hair and wears a purple camp.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Main weaponry Edit

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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