This is where the flashback of the event in the past takes place in The Beginning Adventure.

[we then fade into the next scene as the captioning appears saying: "15 years ago, 3 months after The Battle for Berk and Equestria."]

[We now view some of things after the battle of Berk and Equestria, like all the mess being cleaned up and several buildings being fixed. As we then see a brand new Jedi Temple, and had flags for all homes of all of our heroes. And in the main Jedi Council meeting room, they constructed a huge circular table with chairs for each of our heroes.]

(Then we view Mucker and Stewie working on a high tech security system, along with a new Space craft hanger is finished being constructed, as several brand new space craft (X-Wings, Y-Wings, Arc-170, etc) are being transported into it. While inside a ship construction building a brand new ship has started being built. Meanwhile, some of our heroes are now finally taking a rest from the intense battles and work clearing everything up. In which, hey all head into the New temple's rec room to relax (and are also joined by Winnie the Pooh and his friends)]

Skyla: Morning, Yuna. How's it coming along?

Yuna: Doing just fine.

Hiccup: That's good to know.

Yuna: It sure is. [then she gazes and looks at a memorial of Master Yoda]

Nyx: You can't stop thinking about him, can you?

Yuna: How can I not? I know Zecroa's the Grand Jedi Master now, but Yoda was a lot of wisdom from 900 years, he watched us grow up since we were born, and he was like a great, great, great, grandfather to me.

Sharon: I'm sure Master Yoda would be proud to know you and Hiccup fulfilled his one wish.

Yuna: Yes, he certainly would.

[Meanwhile in another part of the galaxy some heroes arrive at a canyon, but had to go down deep be causing of being toxic]

Zoe Trent: How is it toxic down here?

Droid: That remains unknown. No one really knows for sure quite really.

Sunil Nevla: Well, let's just take the crystals and get out of here.

Russell Ferguson: Right. Let's go.

[they all go down in wearing toxic proof suits as they mine out some crystals and soon they come back up to their ship with bags of crystals as they fly back to the temple, then we fade into the next scene where they bring the bags into the Jedi Temple's Lightsaber Construction room]

[Meanwhile at the Griffin household]

Sylveon: Sorry, I took so long, Judy it's been a madhouse lately.

Judy Hopps: Ah, it's alright. [takes a sip of her coffee] Ah. Carrot coffee, my favorite.

Buttercream Sunday: Well, speaking of which. How's Brian doing?

Lois: Brian? Well, he's having a rough spot lately.

Sylveon: But we really think he's starting to turn a corner.

[Then the doors open revealing Brian held by the Rock Bottom police]

Officer #1: Mrs. Griffin. [blows raspberry]

Officer #2: Mrs. Eeveelution. [blows raspberry]

Sylveon: Brian!

Buttercream Sunday: [to herself] Wrong turn.

Brian: Okay, thanks for the lift guys.

Officer #2: Not so fast. [blows raspberry]

Officer #1: Your husband and his dragon [blows raspberry] had made a huge wreck [blows raspberry] by damaging one of the buses. [blows raspberry]

Officer #2: Moving violation [blows raspberry] 9-0-4...[blows raspberry] section fifteen, paragraph, um...

Brian: Six.

Officer #2: Thanks. [blows raspberry]

Brian: No problem.

Sylveon: Brian.

Officer #1: As you are aware, [blows raspberry] this constitutes a violation of his probation. [blows raspberry]

Lois: I understand. But....

Judy Hopps: Excuse me, officers. But you mind if I but in? You see, I'm a cop from Zootopia, and....

Officer #2: Are you his adopted sister? [blows raspberry]

Lois: Oh, no! You see, she's a friend.

Officers 1 & 2: Back off m'am! [both blow long raspberrys]

Sylveon: Thanks, Judy. But let us handle this.

Judy Hopps: [moans] Alright.

Officer #1: His dragon is with us. [blows raspberry] And here's the bill [blows raspberry] of how much [blows raspberry] the damage costs. [blows raspberry]

(he then tears out a page from his notebook and hands it to Peter)

Peter:  2000 dollars?!

Officer #2: That's right. [blows raspberry]

[They let Brian and Nightstriker go]

Sylveon: Thank you officers. It won't happen again.

Officers #1: Well, you take care now. [blows raspberry]

Officer #2: Let's get some tacos. [blows raspberry]

[They close the door]

Brian: [chuckles nervously] How can they understand your accent?

Peter: This isn't funny! 2000 dollars?! That's almost half of the house!

Brian: [grabs a beer and sits down]

Sylveon: Brian. Look at me! It doesn't kill yourself, if you can just be a single....

Brian: Guys, it's no big deal! No one was around. They just won't get off my....

[But Lois crosses her arms]

Brian: Forget it.

Judy Hopps: Brian, would you listen to yourself? Is this what you wanna do for the rest of your life? You wanna go to jail, with a bunch of weirdo's and criminals?!

Brian: I didn't ask for your opinion!

Judy Hopps: Brian, I'm just saying: "I don't wanna see your future".

Brian: [to himself] Yeah, what future?

[A few minutes later, Brian is on the roof]

Brian: It's not fair. Yuna, Hiccup, and the others get all the good stuff, and chances to kill more stuff! And as for me? I'm no where near as lucky. I'm stuck here, getting in freaking trouble! When it all boils down to it! It's not my fault I'm a dog! Someday, I'm gonna show all of them! How special is that?

Sylveon: Show all of them what?

Brian: [gasps as he looks back to see Sylveon] Sylveon! I didn't see you back there.

Sylveon: Who are you talking too?

Brian: Uh, no one.

Sylveon: [walks over to him and takes a seat next to him] You were talking to youself, weren't you?

Brian: No. Yes.

Sylveon: Brian, I must admit, that you're starting to really concern me.

Brian: About what? It has nothing to do with you.

Sylveon: Even if what ever is your mind doesn't involve me, that doesn't mean that I have any worry about you.

Brian: I appreciate your concern for me, Syl. But this is a different matter.

Sylveon: It does. Because....

Brian: Because what?

Sylveon: [whispers something in his ear]

Brian: What?! When did this happen?

Sylveon: Today.

Brian: Why, [pauses] this is great.