This is how Finding Stacy goes in The Sunlight Movie

[Sunlight is soon flying along the hill sides of Canterlot, still searching for Stacy (as the sun is setting)]

Sunlight: Stacy! Stacy!

[Then she hears crying nearby]

Sunlight: [runs over to a small cave, and their was Stacy] Stacy! What happened? We we're having fun, you were happy. Why did you run away?

Stacy: [wipes a tear from her eye] It's just, watching you and your sister together, it makes me miss my own family.

Sunlight: Well, don't you're parents know you're here?

Stacy: No, infact, I haven't seen them or my brother for 3 days.

Sunlight: Huh? What do you mean?

Stacy: Well, it all started when we were heading on vaction to Manehatten.


Stacy: [narrating] We were taking the train. And it was making good time, I was just sitting on the balcony seats of the brake coach. But as we were riding along the canyon line. [dark clouds began to form as "The Storm Theme" starts playing] A storm then appeared out of nowhere. [we then see heavy rains falling as the wind blows hard,and thunder cracks]

[we watch as Stacy is starting to get worried as the storm gets worse]

Stacy: So, when I was about to get back in the coach, a strong gust of wind hit the train. And it blew me right into the balcony railing. [we then see Stacy hit the side of the rail and over it as she struggles to hang onto the railing]

Stacy: (in flashback) AH!! HELP!!

[inside the coach, Stacy's Brother notices Stacy struggling to hang on]

Stacy's Brother: Am, Pa, Stacy's about to fall on the balcony!

Stacy's Dad: Huh?

[they look and see Stacy struggling to hang on]

Stacy's Mom:

Stacy's Dad: hang on, sweetie! We're coming!

Stacy: [narrating] I tried to hang on, but the rail was slick with water and the wond blew hard against me. And next thign I knew, I lost my grip and went flying back]

Stacy: (in flashback) NOO!!!

Stacy's Parents: STACY!!!!!

[we then watch as the train dissapears around a bend and Stacy hits the ground]

Stacy: [grunts as she tumbles head over heels down the hillside and then hits her head on a tree in a forest and is knocked unconcisious]

[then 2 foxes come out a den and walk up to Stacy and then they carry her back into their den]

Stacy: [narrating] 2 foxes then found me and took me into their den for the night, and I stayed there for 3 days. But I didn't know where I was.

[flashback ends]

Stacy: Not, I'm pretty sure, I may never see my parents or brother ever again. [a tear streams down her cheek]

Sunlight: [then thinks for a minute if she was lost, not knowing she'll ever see the others again] I'm sorry.

[Stacy looks at her]

Sunlight: Oh Stacy. I can understand how you feel. But if it helps, I'll help you find your family again.

Stacy: will?

Sunlight: Sure, that's what Friends do. They help one another, and they stick to together until the end.

[Stacy then looks happily at Sunlight, and then we hear a crying]

Pumbaa: [pauses the film] Timon? Are you crying?

Timon: [stops crying] I'm fine! [cries again and sniffs as he feels his nose] I.. I just have somthing in my eye.

Pumbaa: [hands him a handkerchief] Here, blow.

Timon: [cries a little bit and then blows hard into the handkerchief] Here, Pumbaa. [hands him the wet Handkerchief]

Pumbaa: (sarcastically) Gee, thanks!

Timon: Okay, I'm better. [resumes the film]

Sunlight: Say, why don't we head back to the castle, it's getting late.

Stacy: Alright. And Sunlight?

Sunlight: Hm?

Stacy: Can we keep this to ourselves for now?

Sunlight: Okay. But I'm still helping you find them, no matter what.

Stacy: Good.

[the 2 then fly off]

[Back in the castle]

Sunlight: Well, I believe it's time for us to turn in for the night.

Stacy: So, where do I sleep?

Sunlight: You can share my bed with me.

Stacy: Really?

Sunlight: Yeah.

[the 2 head for Sunlight and Sharon's bedroom]

Princess Celestia: Now, sleep tight.

Sunlight: Yes, Mama.

[then Stacy flies up to the top of the bed's frame and hangs down from it as she covers herself with her wings]

Sunlight: Uh, Stacy? What are you doing?

Stacy: This is how I normally sleep.

Princess Celestia: You sure you'll be fine like that? There is plenty of room for you on the bed itself.

Stacy: I'm okay, Princess. This reminds me of home.

Princess Celestia: Alright then. [looks down to Sunlight and kisses her on the cheek] Good night.

Sunlight: Good night, Mommy.

Princess Celestia: Good night, Stacy.

Stacy: Night.

[then Celestia leaves the room]

Sunlight: Stacy?

Stacy: Hmm?

Sunlight: Tomrrow, we're gonna find your familky.

Stacy: Sounds like a plan. [yawns] Good night. [falls asleep]

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