This is how the final fight with Canine goes and where our heroes are reunited in The Sunlight Movie.

Buttercream Sunday: [nervously and shyly] Uh.... Hello.

Canine: Hello, little bunny.

Buttercream Sunday: Who... who are you?

Canine: What does it matter? What matters is that we're here right now.

[we return to the foxes, Stacy, and Sunlight]

Tod: [struggling to push the rock with Vixey] It's no good! This stupid rock won't budge!

Sunlight: Hmm... Ah! [picks up a big stick] This'll work.

[back with Buttercream and Canine]

Buttercream Sunday: Anywho.... I'm Buttercream Sunday.

Canine: Fitting. For a bunny who looks like they came from a candy shop.

Buttercream Sunday: [starts sweating nervously as she gulps] Um... I hate to be a spoilsport, but I've gotta go now. Nice meeting you.

Canine: Oh come now? What's the hurry?

Buttercream Sunday: (chuckles nervously) Hurry? What's there to hurry? It's a free country!

[we come back to the fillies and foxes]

Sunlight: This will get you out in no time! [puts then stick underneath the rock, and with hard pushes the rock finally budges and Stacy is freed]

Stacy: AH! [rubs her wing] May be a bit sore, but I should be able to fly again in a few minutes.

Sunlight: Uh, Tod? Vixey? Where's Buttercream?

Vixey: (gasps) Buttercream! We forgot all about her!

[Sunlight then goes looking for her]

["The Fox and The Hound - The Bear Fight" starts playing]

Sunlight: (gasps) Oh no! It's Canine!

[she then races down as fast as her hooves can go]

Stacy: AH!! Canine!

Sunlight: BUTTERCREAM!!!!

Buttercream Sunday: What? [looks back]


[Canine slowly gets to his paws and stands as he growls]

Buttercream Sunday: Oh sweet, carrot cake! [hops away, screaming]

[then Canine roars as he leaps forward, and as Buttercream makes it to the other side of the log, Canine bites onto her tail!]

Buttercream Sunday: YOECH!!

{Buttercream grabs on a rock as Canine pulls back, trying to get her loose]


[Tod and Vixey race down quickly and then jump, as they land onto Canine and bite him]

Canine: [roars in pain as he lets go]

[Buttercream runs off as the 2 foxes fight the evil timberwolf, then through vigorous biting and scratching the 2 send Canine over the side of the cliff]

Canine: [does the gut wrench scream]

[then with a loud splash, he lands in the river]

Vixey: That dastardly wolf! He just can't learn when to give up!

Sunlight: Where's Buttercream?

[Sunlight then goes down the cliffside to find her]

[Then Canine jumps out of the water]

Canine: [growling in oure anger] I don't care if you, or your stupid firends run. I will not stop until I have at least one tiny nibble!

Sunlight: [plucks up courage] No. I'm tired of running. I'm not afraid of you. And I'm not a coward. I... am... a JEDI!!! [charges and headbutts Canine, which knocks him down]

Canine: UGH!!!

Sunlight: LEAVE.... US..... ALONE!!!! [bucks Canine, knocking him back even more] I HATE YOU!!!

[she then proceeds to deliver several kicks and bucks to the timberwolf as they are slowly coming back to the rickety log]

Sunlight: [as she delivers several kicks] STOP... FOLLOWING.... US..... AROUND!!!

[then Canine roars again as he swipes his paw at her, sending her flying back onto the rickety log.]

Sunlight: [almost slips off but manages to get a good grip]

Canine: [growling as he speaks] This ends now, equine.

Sunlight: [quickly unholsters her gun and tries to shoot but it only clicks]

Canine: [snickers] What's wrong? Gun empty? [growling as he gets closer]

Sunlight: [opens one of the puches on her Jedi belt, but there's only one bullet!] On bullet?! [looks back at Canine] (sighs) I gotta make it count! [struggling to stay on the log, she takes out the one bullet and opens the revolving camber on her gun, as she pops it in. Then quickly snaps the revolving camber back in place, as she then cocks the gun and points it at Canine] Come on, Sunlight, don't miss this one shot! [she shuts one eye and aims, very carefully. As she takes a breath, she fires]

[the bullet then hits Canine right in the shoulder!]

Canine: [yelps in pain as he falls to the ground]

Sunlight: [ants as she reholsters her gun]

Canine: [growls in fury] OKAY!!! I'M REALLY MAD NOW!!!

[despite being badly wounded, Canine approaches Sunlight onto the log which creaks under his weight]

Canine: Say, "Good Night" Sunlight. [brings back his paw ready to strike]

Sunlight: [braces herself for impact]

[but before anyone can make a move the log creaks as it jerks downward, and then it cracks in half, and Canine and Sunlight are sent falling down a waterfall!]



[Then, the Foxes and Stacy all look over the side but don't see anything or anyone appear from at the bottom of the waterfall]

Stacy: SUNLIGHT!!!

Vixey: Oh no... The poor dear.... is.... (tears come to her eyes) gone.

Tod: (tears come to his eyes) At least, she didn't go in vain.

Stacy: [sniffs as her eyes well up in tears] The one best friend I ever had, gone. I'll never forget her. [she then starts weeping]

[the foxes join in weep as whimpers can be heard too]

[then from the side of the cliff some vegatation starts moving, and then from the side, Sunlight climbs back up, and walks up to them]

Sunlight: Hey, guys. It's okay.

Stacy: [grabs Sunlight without realizing she's okay] NO, IT IS NOT OKAY!!! [shakes Sunlight] DON'T YOU TELL ME, IT'S OKAY!! I JUST LOST MY BEST FRIEND I EVER HAD!!! [she opens her eyes and sees Sunlight is okay] SUNLIGHT!!! [hugs her tightly] YOU'RE OKAY! YOU'RE OKAY!!!

Sunlight: Of course. Jedi don't go down that easy!

Tod: What happened to Canine?

Sunlight: [shakes her head]

Vixey: Oh my. [she looks back down] I know he was an evil timberwolf who was trying to hurt you lot, and that cute little bunny. But, I can't help but feel a little sorry for him.

Stacy: Well, I'm not. That freak got what he deserved.

Sunlight: [in her mind] Qui-Gon, Annabelle, and Rukai were right, my destiny was closer than I thought.

[then Stacy's ears perk up suddenly]

Vixey: Stac?

Stacy: [looks up to the cliffsides]

Tod: Stacy? What's going on?

[then at the top of the cliffs, a figure appears]

Male Batpony: Stacy?

Stacy: Daddy? DADDY!!!

[she races up and hugs him]

Female Batpony: Stacy! [runs into the scene and joins the hug] My foal! You're okay!

[then another figure comes in]

Teenage Batpony: Stacy! [nuggies her hair] Hey, little sister!

Stacy: Mom! Daddy! Jack! You're all here!

[the camera zooms out to Timon and Pumbaa]

Timon: [pauses the film] What was with the one-by-one appearing? If you can call it that.

Pumbaa: I think it was to add effect to it. But this scene is always the best part in the film.

Timon: Aw... I agree.

[the 2 then put give themselves a good guy hug as Timon resumes the film]

[they come out of their hug]

Stacy: How did you know where to find me?

Jack: It's a funny story. A peraigrin falcon flew down to us and showed us a bottle that had a picture of you in it. And lead us here. [we see the peraigrin falcon fly above, with a screech]

Sunlight: Huh, so that falcon was helping us!

Stacy's Father: And, who might this gal be?

Stacy: Oh, this is Sunlight. She was helping me look for you.

Stacy's Mother: Sunlight? As in "Princess Sunlight"?

Sunlight: Yes, that's me.

Jack: Help from a Princess?! Lucky you, Little sister! [gives a smack to Stacy's back] Well, you earned my respect, Stac! I'll never humilate you for fun again.

Stacy's Father: Humiliate for fun? What do you mean by that?

Jack: Oh, did I say that? [chuckles nerviously] I.. I meant...

Stacy's Father: Mmm. Looks like you have some explaining to do when we have the time, young man.

Jack: Yes, Pops.

Tod: Well, at least you're all back together again!

Stacy's Mother: Did you help our duaghter find us too?

Vixey: Yes, we did. miss. And a Little Bunny too.

Sunlight: (gasps) Buttercream! [races back to the side of the cliff, but near the spot where the log broke loose is only a peice of brown cloth] Oh no....

[Then, there's the sound a thumping pouce]

[then at the near the cliffside, Buttercream appears]

Buttercream Sunday: Hey, guys!

Sunlight: Buttercream! You're okay!

Buttercream Sunday: Of course! I may still be a Padawan, but I'm still as strong as an average Jedi knight!

Sunlight: [hugs Buttercream] You're so brave, Buttercream! I'm glad you aren't hurt!

Buttercream Sunday: Thanks, a dooles, Sunlight! [returns hug]

Sunlight: How did you escape?

Buttercream Sunday: Simple. My lucky rabbit's feet, made me jump up and away! Oh! Also, you won't believe what I saw over on the other side of those rocks!

[but then a spotlight appears over Sunlight]

Sunlight: Huh?

[above, we see Carpet in the sky]

Genie: [transforms into a search and rescue crewman] We have found Sunlight! We have found Sunlight!

[then from the top of the cliff, the rest of the gang appear]

Hiccup: There they are! Down there!

[then everyone, including all dragons come walk over the side as they cross the log]

Sunlight: Guys! Guys!

[As Sunlight as Sunlight crosses the log, Barret Barricade then hugs Sunlight as Princess Celestia joins in]

Barret Barricade: Oh, Sunlight! We were so worried about you!

Princess Celestia: We've been searching for you all day!

Sunlight: I'm sorry. But I just had to help Stacy reunit with her family.

Barret Barricade: We understand. But at least you're okay.

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