This is where Order 77 and Brian's dark deeds take place in The Beginning Adventure.

[we then return to Hoth where we see the troopers taking out all of the Stormtroopers with the Wookies as Hiccup rides Toothless to commander]

Hiccup: Commander, tell all your troops to head to higher levels. Me and the others will sweep the higher points for anymore leaders to these Troopers.

Commander: Right away, Chief.

Hiccup: Let's get a move on, we've got a battle to win!

[the Riders then hop on their dragons and then head up to the higher points]

Commander: Yes, Chief!

[then one of the other troopers gets a transmission as he then turns on his hologram transmitter and on it is Nightmare Moon]

Nightmare Moon: Trooper, the time has come. Execute, Order 77.

Trooper: Yes, M'am. [to some of the other troopers] Blast the Riders!

[then one of the other troopers fires a cannon at the Riders]

Commander: [into comlink] Chief, lookout! Incoming fire! We have double agents here!

[The rider manage to avoid the blast itself but the shock wave sends them all falling]

Hiccup: Oh gosh! Oh gods! Oh no!

Scootaloo: Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! We're going down!

[they all yell out as they continue falling and then they land in a lake as "Dead Island Trailer Music" starts playing]

[we then sideswipe to various jedi being killed by troopers]

[We then come to Zecora who then drops her tea as she puts a hoof to her chest as she senses the deaths and pain, as we see more Jedi being killed as one is shot out of the sky and another is shot down while riding a speeder.]

[We then sideswipe to the Castle where the troopers are gunning down all Jedi and Jedi Royal Guards]

[Then, Brian heads into another room where several Jedi Younglings are hiding]

Pegasus Filly Youngling: Master Griffin, there's too many of them out there. What are we going to do?

Brian: [ignites his Lightsaber (which makes the sound of Sith Lightsaber ignition)]

[At the Griffin/Eeveelution Household, Sylveonis watching the carnage as she can see fire and smoke coming from the castle]

Proxy: [walks into the room] I've just recieved word that Brian is in the castle at this moment. Don't worry, my lady, I'm sure he'll be okay.

[but after he leaves Sylveon covers her face and cries]

[Then, Figge and Valka fly towards the temple]

Valka: What's going on here?

Trooper: There's a rebellion going here! And we're trying to clean it up.

Trooper #2: I'm sorry you 2, but you must leave.

Figge: And so we shall.

[they then start walking back to the shuttle as the troopers aim their blasters at them]

Trooper #3: Get them!

[then one Jedi Padawan jumps in and deflects the blaster bolts, but he is soon killed]

Valka: NO!!

Figge: We have to go now!

[Figge flies them away as the troopers try to get them but they're too far away]

Trooper: Forget them. They're too far away.

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